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You & Mr Jones changes name to The Brandtech Group

You & Mr Jones changes name to The Brandtech Group
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You and Mr. Jones are changing its name to The Brandtech Group, a move it says aligns with its growth from a startup six years ago to a group with “over half a billion in revenue” and more than 5,000 employees.

When Jones founded the company in 2015, he used the term “brandtech” to describe the ways technology can connect brands to people beyond traditional advertising, and how it can help companies do marketing better, faster, and cheaper.

Explaining the rebranding decision, he said: “When I created the group six years ago, there were two of us, and you and Mr. Jones seemed like a great name for a small startup.

We are now the world’s number one enterprise-class marketing technology group, and the largest global digital partner for some of the world’s largest brands. [dollars] In revenue, it has more than 5,000 employees, 18 senior partners, and brand technology has gone from being an idea to a huge category. So I felt it was time to express that by changing the name of the company.”

Jones argued that in the years since its founding, the role of global marketers has changed dramatically, with a shift away from the traditional playbook of television marketing toward digital, mobile and technology.

Jones has sought to meet evolving demands by acquiring companies in turbulent, fast-growing sectors. Notable deals included the purchase of housing specialist Oliver and creative store Gravity Road.

All entities previously bearing the name You & Mr Jones, such as You & Mr Jones Media, will be renamed Brandtech Media, while individual agencies will retain their existing brand names.

The decision to change the name of the parent company follows speculation that Jones may be considering floating the stock market.

Asked if this is possible, he said Campaign: “Honestly, we have a lot of options, and that’s one of the great things about how well the business is doing.

“We can keep our privacy, we can make a big game-changing acquisition, we can take another round and raise the level of Series C [funding] Or we can subscribe. All of these things are potential options for us going forward.

“As one of my managers once said, it is easy to run a company when times are tough where there is only one strategy: cutting costs. It is more difficult when things are going great where there are so many different options.”

He added that the rebranding does not affect his own role: “When I said we were changing the name, someone asked me if that meant I was leaving the company! Of course not! I couldn’t be more excited about the future.”

Founder’s Speech

To celebrate its name change, Brandtech Group mints the You & Mr Jones logo in an NFT (non-fungible token) and then hash it into multiple tokens that will be distributed to agency employees.

The idea is that the tokens will come with voting rights to charitable donations totaling $100,000 that the group will then make.

Jones also penned a founding letter – titled “Metaverse is a giant who doesn’t exaggerate a burger with no future” – to coincide with the launch.

The end result of the piece is that metaverse is far from a “nothing burger”. The letter looks at seven directions from how the metaverse will change the world and what Web3 means, to how the death of the mobile phone will herald the arrival of smart glasses.

Brandtech Group has grown during the pandemic. Organic revenue rose more than 50% in the first nine months of 2021, after overcoming the coronavirus recession in 2020 when it grew 27% while all of the agency’s “Big Six” holding companies suffered declines.

Jones, the former global CEO of Havas, has previously argued that the traditional holding company model is no longer fit for purpose and described brand technology as a groundbreaking way to use technology to do better marketing — in a similar way that has rocked fintech. services.

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