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With acquisition of TripleDouble, 6teen30 Digital opens downtown Baltimore office

With acquisition of TripleDouble, 6teen30 Digital opens downtown Baltimore office
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New office for UK-based Digital Growth Agency 6teen30 digital Recently opened downtown in Spark Baltimoreand bring in local talent.

This comes after getting 6teen30 Digital Triple Double Digital, a Baltimore-based agency that helps startups and small businesses take advantage of the platform’s sales and marketing tools HubSpot.

Founded by a long-time professional digital agency Chris Forhan At the end of 2016, TripleDouble worked with clients to implement CRM and marketing automation software. She also offered website development, planning and strategy around sales and marketing. Forhan, who took over full-time in 2018, will now serve as Vice President of Growth and Head of US Market for 6teen30 Digital.

Based in Leeds and led by a seasoned marketing expert Mike Midgley6teen30 Digital has grown across Europe. Now it is looking to expand into the United States, and the acquisition will help.

“I decided almost immediately to join 6teen30 Digital, Inc. for many reasons but mostly because of how well we complemented each other’s core business strengths,” Forhan said. “I felt we were really strong when it came to digital strategy, business acumen and sales. Meanwhile, 6teen30 brought operational efficiencies beyond anything I’ve seen in my 15 years in the digital agency business. Best of all, 6teen30 has built a very effective team of experts. functionalists who are able to help satisfy not only more clients but also clients of larger organizations who have greater needs. Add all this and throw in the track record of Mike as an entrepreneur, not only is it an honor to receive an offer, but it was truly a no-brainer to accept it.”

Both companies are HubSpot-certified solutions partners, so their services are really similar. They will now unite under the 6teen30 Digital brand, with all five TripleDouble Digital team members extended to stay. TripleDouble was once based in Hunt Valley, and is now effectively moving downtown.

Forhan said 6teen30’s approach to revenue operations was also attractive. This is the practice of helping companies align sales and marketing in a way that satisfies the preferences of B2B buyers.

Chris Forhan. (photo courtesy)

As the company grew, Forhan said working with other companies was key. It’s a reminder that entrepreneurs don’t have to go it alone.

“The biggest lesson learned has been the power of partnerships to grow a business, whether they are referral partners or technology partners that offer great channel sales programs like HubSpot,” Forhan said. “Implementation partners are also important and can help handle work outside of your core expertise.”

Forhan said the Baltimore-based developer of HubSpot dashboard data method CEO Sebastian Walker They have been particularly influential partners when it comes to software development, complex integrations, and reporting.

“Bring in the experts instead of trying to give everything to everyone at the customer’s expense,” Forhan said.

Another key, Forhan said, is recognizing the company as part of the business community. The agency has participated in professional groups such as AMA Baltimoreand played an active role in Baltimore Innovation Week. Customers also benefited from resources from local incubators, in particular Towson University start.

“As someone who has personally been very involved in the Baltimore business community for many years, I can say TripleDouble is definitely the culmination of so many great Baltimore resources and generous people,” he said.


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