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What’s Exciting At This Year’s CES

What’s Exciting At This Year’s CES
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P & G, one of the most famous consumer goods companies in the world, has a great attendance at the consumer electronics exhibition because technology increasingly becoming part of all products and services, from e-commerce to Internet objects and related devices, smart self-monitoring tools, new forms of digital marketing and educational platforms and video games. Even laundry detergent, toothbrushes, and razors became “technical” and entertaining. Large brand officials of P & G, CES journalist conference for Mark Brichard, are innovative and attractive in itself. Much of it was introduced within P&G’s immersive LifeLab metaverse.

Implementing the P & G task (providing high-quality and value products and value is working to improve the world’s consumer life, now and for future generations) increasingly involving the integration of new technologies and partnership with technology companies. CES is an opportunity for P & G to do the following:

– View new developments in their products that use technology

– Discover new opportunities and potential partnerships

Attracting new ideas and emerging talent through the P&G Ventures program

In 2018, ANA (Association of National Advertisers) named Brand Purpose “Duration of the Year”. Since then, brands around the world jumped to sustainability as a major appearance for brand because of increasing urgent awareness of the help of the environment and highlight the need for more equality and inclusion.

Sustainability is similar to the digital transformation institution that he was initially silo within corporate, and now is integrated into every aspect of business across all jobs. It becomes awareness and a new way of thinking.

During my talking with Mark Brichard, the CEO of P & G brand, and went with him on a brilliant Lifelab tour of the company, inspired particularly from countless and countless roads followed by P & G in sustainability leadership. The initiatives are wonderful for companies that are looking to accelerate their sustainability efforts.

Water and energy supply initiatives

P & G is working with NASA and IPC to solve the clothing washing problem in a limited water environment, such as deep space missions. Learning is immediately applicable in areas with limited water in the world. By 2025, it is estimated that two-thirds of the world’s population will live in water-stressed environments. Tide Infiniti, a fully decomposed cleaner is designed for use in space to solve aroma and cleanliness problems and remove spots, in NASA space tasks to ensure that it is suitable for use in closed water system.

Dawn Platinum Powerwash and Cascade Platinum remove food particles using enzymes that require less water. Washing machines approved by Energy STAR, which uses Cascade, are used as less than four gallons of water for the entire session, compared to wash manual dishes that use four gallons each. TIDE COLDWATER and ARIEL in Europe provides up to 90% of energy to heat water to wash clothes using special enzymes to get rid of dirt.

Low weight packaging and shipping

EC30 (Enlightened Clean), is a technology that uses tiny fiber pads that dissolve with a little water. It can replace body wash, hand wash, shampoo, laundry detergent and toilet cleaner. Removing water and reducing weight reduces the carbon footprint of shipping, and packaging is recycled from cardboard instead of plastic.

Recycled materials and longer product life

Herbal Essences, Head & Shoulds, Pantene, Aussie and Hair Conditioners have launched a 100% recyclable aluminum packaging and recyclable bags using a 60% plastic.

The Venus Deluxe Smooth Deep Blue razor features a handle made of 40% ocean-bound post-consumer plastic. Venus partners with the environmental charity, Ocean Generation, to support education and awareness about how individuals can help protect oceans and waterways. With the Oral B Clic toothbrush, only the brush heads are replaced, which reduces material and extends the life of the handle.

Recycling systems are easier, faster and more efficient

In partnership with HOLY GRAIL, P & G has implemented a filling system that uses digital water marks on each item, such as QR codes, to sort the packages efficiently by type of materials in recycling stations.

Innovations teach stories and behavior change

The LIFLAB P &B METAVERS has been moved to the next level. Not only is it a great tool for explaining sustainability issues and initiatives to journalists, retailers and consumers, it engages particularly with young people who have tremendous application in schools and universities for a wide range of subjects including chemistry, biology, health, gardening, geography, climate science, holistic design, materials engineering and sustainable business.

world of beauty

Within the default Lifelab initiative Beauty Sphere and the official beauty, Herbal Essences is involved with Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew in the UK. Kew certifies the botanicals used in the products and advises development teams on the botanical properties relevant to hair health care. Herbal Essences is integrating more and more natural ingredients in their products.

Along the virtual path of the botanical garden, visitors learn about different plants and their benefits and gather botanical ingredients. Every time 5 are collected, Procter & Gamble plants a tree to restore the forest. They also entered into a partnership with Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, to help save 20 species of endangered plants in the United States from extinction, trying to highlight the loss of plant biodiversity.

50 liters home

P & G helped to form a 50L Coalition coalition, as companies such as Kohler and Electrolux have collected significantly about how to address the urban water crisis. Imagine a 50L Home program where the normal family can, instead of using 150-500 liters of water daily, to be well managed using only 50 liters. Water is provided around the house in cleaning flooring, washing dishes, shower, shower, and laids recycling for toilets.

LIFELAB also provides for forest exploration and deforestations by default and what is the form of cultivation and use of responsible trees, including:

– Certificate from the Forestry Board® to ensure the protection of wildlife and local communities

– Re-cultivation of two trees for each tree used

Partnering with the Arbor Day Foundation to fund forest regeneration in areas devastated by natural disasters such as wildfires

Education through the tab

According to the World Health Organization, oral diseases affect approximately 3.5 billion people. More than 530 million children suffer from tooth decay, and most oral health problems are preventable. To make a health care learning more fun and attractive, ORAL-B and CREST “Attack of the Creeps”, an immersive video game based on a famous advertising campaign from the late 1970s and early 1980s.

The effects and cooperation

NFL is a great influential with 80 million impressed. Across all of its teams, the NFL launders nearly a million pounds each year. Switching from a hot wash to a cold wash saves approximately 90% of the energy required for each load. If a part of the players and fans start using cold water to wash their clothes, the total energy savings will be huge. The Tide Call Callers defies with Ice-T and “Cold Stone” Steve Austin and Matty Ice users to try to wash their cold clothes.

Laundry detergents from Tide and Ariel collaborated in the production of short and long documentaries with national geographic to raise awareness about lack of clean drinking water worldwide and encourage energy maintenance by washing cold clothes. Procter & Gamble provides water purification packages for world-class communities through the safe drinking water program.

Learning from sustainability initiatives for P & G

Sustainability opportunities can be found everywhere: in manufacturing, supply chains, materials, packaging, marketing and consumer education.

· To quickly move and maximize possibilities, partnership with supplementary companies, suppliers, academics, scientists, emerging companies and non-profit institutions are essential.

Good metrics are needed to estimate impacts, prioritize, measure performance, and adjust accordingly.

· The contributors to the success of sustainability include:

  • Authenticity, transparency and honesty by the company
  • Suitable brand (is a sustainable innovation is logically associated with brand)
  • Partnerships that will increase awareness, credibility and extent of effort
  • Having a wow factor makes sustainable innovation worth talking about and sharing with consumers, influencers and the media

· Stimulate organizations for wrap around sustainability must come from the top. The passion and excitement of Mark Prichard to innovate sustainability are obvious. Anyone listens to him, can not help.


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