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What happened after the show?

What happened after the show?
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After a two-year hiatus, the Apprentice It finally returns to our screens. This time, Lord Sugar will be aided by Karen Brady and his new assistant –the Apprentice Series 1 winner Tim Campbell. After winning the show, Tim worked for Lord Sugar for two years, then left to found a short-lived perfume company. He has since founded the Bright Ideas Trust and a digital marketing agency. But where are the other winners the Apprentice right Now?

Michel Debre, winner of the second series

At just 26 years old, Michelle became the first woman to win the Apprentice. She worked for Lord Sugar in Amsterdam for 11 months before resigning to start her own MDL consultancy. In recent years, it has appeared on Question time Sky News pledge as a speaker. She now has her own talk show on GB News called Dewbs & Co.

Series 3 winner Simon Ambrose

Simon worked for Lord Sugar’s property company Amsprop Estates for three years after winning the bid. He is now the owner of Ambrose Property Services, which handles the investment, renovation, development and management of private residential real estate.

Series 4 winner Lee McQueen

Despite lying on his autobiography and his impression of a sad ‘reverse pterodactyl’, Lord Sugar impressed me enough to become his fourth Someone learning a craft winner. He worked for Lord Sugar for two years after the show, where he helped create digital signage company Amscreen. He later started his own company at Raw Talent Academy which connects businesses with new talent.

The winner of the fifth series, Yasmina Siyadatan

Yasmina worked for Amskin Healthcare from Lord Sugar for a year after winning the show. After a two-year hiatus when she had her kids, I went to work for her Dragon’s Lair Superstar James Caan. She has been the Director of Sales and Marketing for Dynamic Planner since late 2016.

Series 6 winner Stella English

Stella was the last Someone learning a craft The winner wins a job working for Lord Sugar before changing appearances to become his business partner. Stella was initially given a role in his IT company Viglen but complained that she was a “glorious Palestinian figure”. She was then transferred to the YouView television company, where she worked for a year. She claimed she was forced to resign from that role and took Lord Sugar to court for unfair dismissal – but the case was dismissed. She now works as a motivational speaker.

From series 7 onwards, Someone learning a craft The winners became Lord Sugar’s business partners rather than an employee. Find out what they’re up to in this article!

my nail
Stella English Firdous Shamim, Getty Images

Group 7 winner Tom Pellio

Twisted inventor Tom Pellereau was a fan favorite and also won Lord Sugar with his idea for an S-shaped nail file. His company, Stylideas, now sells a range of other clever inventions, including the Stylpro Original Brush Cleaner and Dryer that uses centrifugal technology to efficiently clean makeup brushes Quickly.

Series 8 winner Ricky Martin

With an investment from Lord Sugar, Ricky created Hyper Recruitment Solutions, a consulting firm that specializes in recruitment from mid-level to senior scientific and technical roles. The couple continues to run the company together.

Series 9 winner Leah Totton

Dr. Leah’s business idea was a clinic offering non-surgical cosmetic treatments. Dr. Leah Skin Clinics, owned by Lord Sugar, are still going strong, with three locations in London and Essex. Dr. Leah campaigned for greater regulation in the cosmetic industry and against Botox for those under 18.

Group 10 winner Mark Wright

Mark Wright won an investment from Lord Sugar for his digital marketing agency Climb Online. The company has turned over £4 million in its second year of trading and is still going on.

Series 11 winner Joseph Valente

Lord Sugar seemed to see some of himself in Joseph Valente, who had started his own plumbing business as a teenager. After three years of investing in boiler-installer ImpraGas, Joseph repurchased shares of Lord Sugar. He sold the company in 2020 and is now CEO of the Trade Mastermind & Coaching Academy, which aims to support small construction businesses.

Series 12 winner Alana Spencer

Alana impressed Lord Sugar with this ridiculously rich luxury cake company. After three years of partnership, Alana repurchased Lord Sugar’s shares in the company in 2019.

Series 13 winner, Sarah Lane

Series 13 co-winner Sarah Lynn wins Lord Sugar’s investment for her Sweets in the City business. In addition to their website, Sweets In The City are stocked by Selfridges, Harrods, and Moonpig. Sarah Lynn has also founded a balloon company called Bloonaway.

Series 13 winner James White

Another winner in Series 13, James White has impressed Lord Sugar with his IT recruitment company Right Time Recruitment. He is still the company’s CEO and has also opened a boutique skincare clinic and become the chairman of Taxbuddi’s board of directors, helping employees claim travel and work tax refunds.

Series 14 winner Sian Gabedon

Sian won the Lord Sugar investment for her Sian Marie clothing brand. They still work together, with Sian’s comfy outfits, party wear, and swimwear regularly worn by celebrities and influencers.

Series 15 winner Karina Lepore

Kareena is the latest Someone learning a craft winner. It won Lord Sugar’s investment for its Dough Artisan bakery in 2019. Despite the pandemic, business appears to be going well, with a second location opening in September 2020.

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