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VETUS names new marketing coordinator

VETUS names new marketing coordinator
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Global innovator of complete marine product systems VETUS has appointed experienced marine industry specialist Jennifer (Jane) Lacombe as the new Marketing Coordinator for VETUS MAXWELL US

The company said the latest addition to the team demonstrates its renewed commitment to an innovative and dynamic global marketing strategy, maintaining the positive momentum generated by record sales levels and revenue growth for the year.

Reporting to US President of VETUS MAXWELL Chris DeBoy, Jane will use her proven experience in traditional and digital marketing to support recently appointed VETUS Marketing Director Sander Jesink and his expanding team at headquarters in Schiedam, The Netherlands.

Jane, who grew up boating and fishing with her family, has a 17-year background in marine marketing for this role. She has worked with various companies as Marketing Director, and most recently as Owner of her own marketing company, focusing on a range of key areas including events, publications, print collateral, website development and social media.

“I am very excited to join VETUS, and to coordinate with the marketing team in Europe with the goal of strengthening their marketing reach in the United States,” said Lacombe. industry professionals, so the goal is to continue to increase awareness of our products and systems with end users. One of the main focus points will be to increase the company’s reach on social media, an area where I can draw on my previous experience in boosting followers on other company platforms by the tens of thousands.”

VETUS, the manufacturer of complete marine systems including engines, electric propulsion, generators, arc thrusters and control panels, is strengthening its marketing team to further ambitious growth plans, rooted in establishing a strong presence across all continents to meet demand through a direct approaching market.


“As the latest talented professional to join our team, Jane will use her extensive experience and marketing knowledge to deliver great benefits to the entire VETUS group. We look forward to her contribution to moving the company forward. I am confident that the marketing structure we are setting up will enable VETUS to benefit from our business performance,” said Dupuy. Strong in recent months, increasing brand awareness among boat owners and customers by utilizing all relevant marketing channels and tools.”


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