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‘Very soon, in Glasgow, history will change’

'Very soon, in Glasgow, history will change'
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When Celtic’s signings of Ryo Hattat, Daisen Maeda and Yusuke Edeguchi were confirmed on New Year’s Eve, the announcement was previously telegramsed through a teaser post, an implied indication that the rumors and hope were about to become true.

This is standard practice for many clubs’ social media strategies; The tweet fuels anticipation and stimulates engagement before the main post that aims to go viral. Celtic followed that formula when, say, Anthony Ralston’s new contract was announced in November, following the news with a GIF of a brick wall in reference to Ralston’s affectionate nickname “The Brickie”.

Where the New Years Eve instance differs from the rest is that the teaser did not come via the club’s main Twitter feed, but from their Japanese account: CelticFCJPN.

While it gets local English-speaking Celtic fans excited, this was a deliberate attempt to engage a new audience.

The teaser video, traced back to a Japanese koto machine, features a Japanese text that translates to “Very soon, in Glasgow, history will change.”

“There is a very popular TV show in Japan called Sono Toki Rekishi Ga Ugoita, which means ‘At that very moment, history has changed,’” explains Cesar Bolingi, CEO and founder of Tokyo-based digital marketing agency Ganassa. “We started from this concept and used a similar graphic and music Similar to the show.


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