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Venture builder Lee Arthur is bringing companies to St. Pete • St Pete Catalyst

Venture builder Lee Arthur is bringing companies to St. Pete • St Pete Catalyst
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While many startups struggle to find the right investor and funding to support growth, Lee Arthur of Blenheim Chalcot helps entrepreneurs achieve success with a venture-building company.

Lee Arthur is the Managing Director of US Operations for Blenheim Chalcot, the UK’s leading digital venture builder.

Arthur recently moved his New York office to Saint Petersburg, at 200 Central Avenue, where he is actively building projects and bringing them into town. The company matches people with the right projects and the right role while providing financial and in-house support.

Arthur explains that building a venture differs from traditional venture capital, in which a project creator creates a business concept, builds it, and then develops a team to support it. Blenheim Chalcot has built more than 40 companies.

“If you think about venture capital, 80% of it fails and they are [venture capitalists] I know that because they are betting on wins by knockout. With projects being built, we expect most of them to succeed. “We are more patient with the way we grow projects,” Arthur said.

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Arthur previously served as CEO of the New York Institute of Finance, which he sold in 2017. Arthur was also the founder and CEO of Streetbroacast, a UK outdoor advertising company, and held positions at Dow Jones in New York.

Arthur said regarding moving to a city. “St. Pete is a wonderful place with great culture and good business. It is full of potential.”

Blenheim Chalcot places a strong emphasis on building businesses in the financial technology, education and entertainment sectors.

One of the companies Arthur works with is Hive Learning, which moved its operations from New York to Saint Petersburg several months ago.

Founded in 2013, Hive Learning began when Sir Clive Woodward, a well-known rugby coach and digital entrepreneur, joined Blenheim Chalcot to disrupt the digital learning sector.

Hive’s goal is to create a scalable team learning model that puts the responsibility for inclusion and flexibility in the hands of its employees to drive everyday learning and collaboration.

The platform works by taking the pulse to measure behavior in a particular organization, then building awareness and thus taking action and recommending behaviors and habits that the organization should adopt.

EnglishScore, the English language testing platform, is another company that will have a growing presence in Saint Pete. EnglishScore is a joint venture of Blenheim Chalcot and the British Council, one of the world’s most recognized names in English language teaching and assessment. The platform has four million users.

“Street. Pete is a great place to find Spanish speaking talent,” Arthur said of setting up a site in the US.

Arthur said the sales team will be in the St. Pete office. Other locations are in London and Asia.

He said that much of EnglishScore’s business is derived from universities.

Additionally, another business through Blenheim Chalcot is Fospha Marketing. Fospha identifies successful marketing platforms and systems that don’t work well, creating savings for businesses and forming stronger marketing strategies.

Arthur said that Vosfa, among several other companies in the Blenheim-Chalcott portfolio, is expected to have employees in Tampa Bay.

Blenheim Chalcot has approximately 90 employees in the United States with some employees working remotely. Arthur said he expects that number to double over the next few years, and that a large portion of the new hires will be based in St Pete.

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