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UVertz Expands Into Miami / South Florida

UVertz Expands Into Miami / South Florida
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Launch Uvertz Miami

McDonald's ad

UVertz “Ads on the Go” platform amplifies Twitter-style brand promotion and messaging to a captive audience.

We are pleased to continue our rollout across the United States including not only popular and nationally known brands but also local and regional advertisers.”

— Khalil M. Dhouti

Beverly Hills, CA, US, January 13, 2022 / — After its successful launch in New York City with the New York Yankees, on January 1, 2022, UVertz has continued to expand its local footprint by launching operations in Miami and South Florida. UVertz’s out-of-home advertising technology (OOH) platform places geo-targeted digital ads on the rear windows of gig economy vehicles. Its out-of-home digital advertising platform can be leveraged to increase brand awareness, convert new customers, and boost brand loyalty. The Miami and South Florida launch included more than 50 economy gig vehicles (Grubhub, etc.) advertising for McDonald’s, Air Pros, Liberty Settlement Funding, Rhythm & Vine, and other brands and services.

“We are pleased to continue our reach across the United States while including not only popular and nationally known brands but also local and regional advertisers,” said Khalil Muhammad Dhoti, co-founder and COO of UVertz.

UVertz makes the perfect complement to OOH campaigns. For example, billboards are restricted by regulations. UVertz can display ads where billboards cannot. By using the radio presets, the driver can easily skip the ads. With UVertz, the ads are right in front of the captive consumer and cannot be skipped. Car wraps stationary. While the UVertz platform is digital and dynamic. In fact, messages can change in an instant. The huge rooftop screens are side view only. Profile views limit sleep times and impressions. The UVertz “Ads on the Go” platform will ensure that you are seen wherever your audience is.

UVertz plans to continue its expansion in Miami with triple-digit growth across South Florida in the first quarter of 2022.

About Uvertz

UVertz is an innovative digital outdoor advertising company. UVertz is revolutionizing digital marketing with unprecedented geo-targeted advertising platforms to connect advertisers directly with consumers by utilizing untapped digital space on car rear windows. Their proprietary out-of-home digital media platform can be leveraged to inform or remind consumers on the buying path that their brand is a great option.

The UVertz team has decades of experience in digital marketing, advertising and management consulting. We have held leadership positions in Publicis and Omnicom agencies as well as in independent agencies. We’ve noted agency affiliations with household name brands like Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, Johnson & Johnson, Tylenol, Neutrogena, and Listerine.

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