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TRUiC launches free AI-powered business tools for EU entrepreneurs

TRUiC launches free AI-powered business tools for EU entrepreneurs
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In e-commerce there is an increasingly close range of tools used by both European and American companies as we see the acceleration of industry globalization. TRUiC has announced new updates to its suite of free AI tools for entrepreneurs, making it the most advanced business name generator, name search and logo design suite used by new businesses.

Why AI-Driven Tools Are the Future:

It’s amazing how quickly artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are growing. Capabilities of collecting, assessing, implementing, and learning from data. This brand name generator by TRUiC has become a new standard for choosing a business name – one of many examples of how US companies are deploying AI.

Remember that AI can achieve a lot: whether it is basic tasks such as voice recognition, AI robots, AI assistants, AI content creation, AI-enhanced pay-per-click advertising and many more. It has a wide range of features offered by us.

Amidst all this chaos, a lot of companies have had to up their game by embracing AI in their working lives, and gain a competitive advantage for all of those businesses. Artificial intelligence can be widely used as a revolutionary change in marketing.

5 AI tools you should know


Pay-per-click advertising AI is widely used in the field of marketing. Many businesses make a budget to allocate to the Adwords, Facebook, and Google platforms. In this, although the input is provided by us, the AI ​​tool helps us to modify, analyze and also use it in the best possible way. In general it improves the campaign.

Some of the features in PPC AI apps are performance analysis, pricing optimization, account management, dynamic search ads, etc.


Many of you have probably encountered quick and instant responses when chatting with companies. Social platforms use chatbots as well as generate quick responses to your feedback about your experience.

AI-powered chatbots are used in almost every industry whether it is health or fashion. They are evolving and tend to learn from public chat and can be reached at any time of the day. Intelligent chatbots not only help in conversations but with their help, this resource helps in understanding the psychology of people as well. Employees can get resentful because of customers, but chatbots approach these situations more logically and modestly, which is more useful for marketing purpose.

Email Marketing

In a world where digitalization has become the center of every important transaction, be it education or corporate business meetings. AI helps you create a personalized email and helps target the right customers who seem really interested. It even sets the appropriate time to send mail to the client. Some tools like Boomtrain and Phrase also help to make the best use of email-based marketing.

User Experience (UX)

Different brands use algorithms to provide customers with a customized and personalized experience on their websites. These algorithms are based on location, demographics and their search engine information according to specific customer preferences.

Customers get to suggest products similar to their preferences and previous searches, and personal experience helps improve their experience and draws them towards the brand. It is a great market strategy based on the behavioral pattern of customers. We are all attracted to products that are similar to our taste and preference. It helps the company to attract potential customers and increase sales. Provides business collaboration for customer insights.

Sales forecast

Each business aims to maintain and expand their business in the future. Wouldn’t it be great to get the sales forecast feedback, depending on the response of our target customers according to the AI ​​software?

It becomes really easy to determine what the customer expects based on their past choices and product purchasing pattern. Depending on the data and information provided by the customer, we can obtain the visual data of the order. Karius is one such program that helps us collect, analyze and interpret information accordingly.

About TRUiC’s latest AI play: It aims to help companies find resources and information on the latest business trends, as well as create free tools to seamlessly start a business. The company also invests heavily in impartial reviews and analysis to produce industry-leading “buying guides” for the B2B sector.

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