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transcosmos assists meeth, a brand that sells “& SKIN OIL,” in winning the top beauty award in Taiwan with its local marketing services

transcosmos assists meeth, a brand that sells "& SKIN OIL," in winning the top beauty award in Taiwan with its local marketing services
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Woman My Biggest Queen 2021 Pink Beauty Award

Transcosmos Taiwan offers meth its one-stop e-commerce services, serving meth to enhance its brand recognition and expand sales.

Transcosmos Corporation. Transcosmos Taiwan inc. (Headquarters: Taipei, Taiwan; General Manager: Shunsuke Matsuda; Transcosmos Taiwan), its wholly owned subsidiary, helped Mitch Inc. win the beauty award presented by a Taiwanese media company through its comprehensive e-commerce services.

Sponsored by “女人 我 最大 Queen”, Taiwan’s popular TV show that introduces the latest cosmetics and fashion items, the ” الجمال Beauty Award” is the equivalent of an Oscar in Taiwan’s beauty industry, which not only beauty brands from Taiwan enter but also brands business from all over the world. This year, meth’s multi-use beauty oil won the “Total Body Oil” award in the 2021 Body Care Products category.

Transcosmos Taiwan offers meth their comprehensive e-commerce services that range from developing sales strategies and marketing campaign initiatives to operating their own e-commerce website, serving Meeth in enhancing their brand recognition and expanding sales.

“We are honored that 女人 我 最大 selected by the Queen to win the 粉 Beauty Award, Taiwan’s most prestigious beauty award, for two consecutive years,” said Sunmi, President of Meth Co., Ltd. “Our SKIN OIL & OIL work wonders on your body and hair as well as on your face. You can enjoy this Skin Oil, the only oil you’ll ever need, your favorite way. Our customers will love it. & SKIN OIL is gentle on your skin, packed with ingredients primarily oil. Rice bran, which is suitable for sensitive skin. We will constantly strive to make meth a brand that is supported among many people in Taiwan.

We want to thank all of our customers. We won the 女人 我 最大 美 beauty award for the second year in a row, because you voted for our product. Under our brand concept, “Beautiful skin is the best jewelry”, we will renew our commitment and make more efforts in developing products for everyone. Thank you for your continued support on meth.”

In 2021, the meth company began selling its products in the Taiwanese domestic market with Transcosmos Taiwan in order to strengthen and expand sales activities in the country. Transcosmos Taiwan will continue to help make meth a familiar brand to many consumers in Taiwan.

Founded in September 2016, Transcosmos Taiwan has built its unique market position with a focus on digital, with strong e-commerce sales skills and branding capabilities. Today, the company offers clients a variety of services including comprehensive e-commerce, digital marketing, and call center services. Transcosmos Taiwan will continue to provide marketing services suited to the Taiwanese market, thus contributing to enhancing its brand recognition and expanding e-commerce sales to customers.

* Transcosmos is a trademark or registered trademark of Transcosmos inc. In Japan and other countries.

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About Transcosmos Inc.

Transcosmos launched its operations in 1966. Since then, we have combined superior ‘people’ with modern ‘technology’ to enhance the competitive strength of our clients by providing them with superior value services. Transcosmos currently provides services that support business operations to clients with a focus on sales expansion and cost optimization through our 171 bases across 30 countries/regions with a focus on Asia, while constantly striving for operational excellence. Moreover, after expanding the e-commerce market on a global scale, Transcosmos provides one-stop global e-commerce services to provide excellent products and services to our consumers in 48 countries/regions around the world. Transcosmos aims to be our clients’ “Global Digital Transformation Partner”, supporting clients’ transformation by leveraging digital technology, and responding to an ever-changing business environment. Visit us here

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