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Top 4 tips to grow your email list

Top 4 tips to grow your email list
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ABC: Always getting caught

“An email address acts as an individual’s digital passport and should be evaluated as such. Just like a physical passport with stamps showing a person’s travels to and from, email addresses help connect an individual’s digital footprint online — and most importantly, across devices,” he said. Kerel Cooper, CMO, LiveIntent, Everyone uses their email address to log into social sites, make online purchases, subscribe to content, and access streaming services.” Collecting email addresses directly from your audience or consumers is the best way to establish a track Your future marketing. With email addresses, you have the ability to communicate and interact with your audience on your terms, and forge one-on-one relationships. Once you capture email addresses, you can better target potential customers and provide them with just the right content to drive them toward conversion.”

Email addresses are a form of currency

“Email addresses and email newsletters are like a digital handshake between consumers and publishers/brands. The consumer gives permission to the publisher/brand to communicate with them in exchange for real value in the form of news, entertainment, product offerings, etc. at any time, if the consumer feels that the publisher/brand is not up to the end of the contract, they can cancel by simply pressing the unsubscribe button.Consumers these days know that email addresses have real value, so be prepared to offer incentives that encourage them to share.Think: exclusive content or product discounts Cooper said. “Consider the exchange of email address data between you and a site visitor or customer as a cash transaction. You promise to provide real value to them, whether at the beginning of the relationship (the instant gratification offer) or on an ongoing basis (with regular emails and offers). If you fail to meet user expectations at any time, they are likely to unsubscribe.”

Take advantage of your connection

“While many forms of marketing and advertising are person-to-person, email marketing is a one-to-one channel. When someone gives you their email address for the first time, either from an email subscription or as a result of a purchase, they are very engaged in that moment. .Take advantage of this momentum to instantly deepen the relationship with content that complements your products and services, or co-promotional strategies.Cooper said fostering a high customer interaction relationship early on can have a huge impact on your life span (LTV) – talk directly to your customers Show them their importance.

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