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Top 10 CosmeticsDesign articles from December

Top 10 CosmeticsDesign articles from December
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1. 5 US Beauty Trends for 2022: A Closer Look at Areas to Follow in the New Year

The world is on the brink of another year, and for the cosmetics industry, that means another year of trends.

While none of us can see what’s coming, our CosmeticsDesign scoured a crystal ball of industry research, interviews, trends, releases, and knowledge to bring you 15 global trends for 2022.

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2. Essential oils can have uses in cosmetics, but they still pose major challenges

Consumer and regulatory demands are driving personal care brands to use more plant-based ingredients, pull essential oils from fragrances and demand more research.

A paper was published in Cosmetology by a research team from Spain and Argentina, Guzmán et al., which summarized the current body of knowledge about the use of essential oils and components of essential oils in cosmetics and beauty products.

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3. WATCH – Beauty Trends 2022: Global CosmeticsDesign Insights

From hybrid cosmetics to menopausal cosmetics to recycled ingredients, global CosmeticsDesign editors take you through the top 15 global trends to watch for 2022.

2021 was not the recovery we were expecting, and it continues to be defined by the global COVID-19 pandemic that has ultimately created both difficulties and opportunities for the beauty industry.

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4. “Buyers want more than just UV protection”: Mintel’s insights into preventative beauty products

SPF, UV rays, blue light, and pollution: These claims make up the protection product game, and consumers around the world are searching for their benefits. CosmeticsDesign spoke with Mintel’s Senior Global Analyst for Beauty and Personal Care Anna Keeler about consumer sentiments about protective beauty.

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5. Premium skincare brand, Evereden, raises $32 million to establish itself internationally

Family skincare brand Evereden is three years old, but has just raised $32 million in Series C funding to expand its premium portfolio from two major markets, the United States and China. CosmeticsDesign spoke with Kimberley Ho, founder and CEO of Evereden, about the premium family skincare market.


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