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The rise of outsourcing in Estate Agency…

The rise of outsourcing in Estate Agency
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Companies have also re-evaluated their own approach to business. They evaluated employee programs, accelerated their digital transformation programs to enable employees to work from home, and evaluated internal functional effectiveness across departments. And of course they assessed their preparedness for future disruption.

As a result, “customer experience” outsourcing increased by more than 3.5% compound annual growth rate in 2021 and nearly 30% of UK companies intend to outsource more in 2022. This is because it offers numerous advantages to companies of all sizes. Small and medium businesses in particular can benefit most from outsourcing as they have the ability to amplify their business to compete with larger companies. However, it is estimated that only about a quarter of small businesses use outsourcing some aspect of their business, often in accounting or information technology. By looking at other outsourcing services, such as those under Customer Experience, companies can achieve more strategic benefits:

  • Accelerate the ability to reach the market

  • Building resilience against business volatility

  • Ensure customer service and satisfaction levels

  • Unleash strategic insights from your data

  • Free up resources to focus on core revenue activities

  • drive cost efficiency

  • Access to skill sets that are not available internally

Accelerate the transition to market

If you are a new startup or franchisor, you are likely to start your own “cold” business in terms of a potential database and ability to market yourself to your core audience. Time and data are major constraints on growth. External Services Partners

They can help you market yourself across digital platforms, help you build your database, and grow your brand with your local market.

Building resilience against business volatility

There have been at least two global crises in recent history that have shown how industries and economies can be significantly affected. Working with partners helps you respond flexibly to changes. You can quickly switch from activities that are no longer productive to more important activities that keep the business moving. You can also expand your resources without losing your core employees.

Your external partner acts as an extension of your team, helping small teams cover during peak times, absences, and employee leave. We don’t lose any knowledge, and operations go on smoothly.

Customer Service and Satisfaction Guarantee

Working with an external partner expands working hours and the availability of employee resources. Customer concerns and inquiries are responded to quickly and consistently.

Industry research shows us that only 50% of all portal inquiries are answered and 4 hours is the average response time within a real estate agency. Working with a partner provides customers with excellent and timely service which frees up your team to handle priority or key revenue generating activities.

Unleash strategic insights from your data

Data on sellers and buyers is hard earned and incredibly valuable. By offering the highest level of continuous communication, you are letting your contacts know that their past habit still matters. You are building an ongoing relationship that encourages their loyalty and should result in recommendations.

You stay on top of your interests and are able to unlock opportunities not only when your contact gets back into the market, but when their network works as well.

Free up resources to focus on core activities

There are only so many hours in the day, and many entrepreneurs find it difficult to work in business while working for the company. If you manage normal but necessary tasks, you may not free yourself from selling, closing deals, and problem-solving issues that require your intervention.

Finding partners for jobs outside of your core talent can help cover any number of activities including marketing, lead generation, digital ordering, call-by-pass services, sales process financial solutions, and more.

drive cost efficiency

Outsourcing converts fixed costs into variable costs that can fit your business as needed. With this model, you can reach different people with different skill sets and different levels of experience without having to bring all this internally. You can benefit from using PTE/FTE instead of hiring full time employees who may not be fully utilized. You can also benefit from lower overhead labor costs by reducing exposure to labor law costs, saving on staffing costs, providing training, reducing human resources and payroll management, and from lower occupancy costs due to fewer internal employees. Finally, outsourcing services are usually directly related to performance and results, saving you the cost of an unproductive employee.

Access to skill sets that are not available internally

Not everyone is good at everything, and the secret to being a great business leader is to surround yourself with people who know how to do the things you don’t. This includes outsourcing to service providers who specialize in the roles and outcomes you need to enhance your skill set and services.

In conclusion, outsourcing is on the rise. All companies should look at areas they can improve by selecting the right partner(s), as this approach and providers continue to grow to offer the widest variety of services across all business functions.

* Ross Lindsey is the founder of Your Lead In, which provides white-label outsourcing services to the real estate industry and real estate agents to help their businesses thrive.


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