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The One Common Denominator Between Successful People

The One Common Denominator Between Successful People
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What is the biggest indicator of a person’s success? Are Successful People Smarter Than Anyone Else? More educated? Harder workers? Do they get up early? Do they read more?

You can drive yourself crazy chasing that gopher. Every time you think you’ve decoded, an exception appears. A billionaire wakes up at 2 p.m. A CEO doesn’t read. A seven-figure agency owner who dropped out of high school (Oh my God, can you take a look at time …?).

Is there Which Unite the thread for a dose of prosperity? What trait is there in every success story? And if so, can we bottle it up and sell it and make a trillion dollars?

Yes and no. Yes there is is being The common denominator is, no you can’t bottle and sell it. This is bad news for me, but good news for you. Since I can’t sell it to you, you don’t have to buy it from me. You just need to absorb the lesson and act on it.

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For the love of the game

As the subject of the documentary the last dance Michael Jordan was asked what he credits with mastering basketball once in a generation. His answer was simple – he had fallen in love with the game.

Training wasn’t a chore when he was training for the thing he loved above all else. He was able to become a crime master And defense, becoming by far the best basketball player of all time. It wasn’t just a business. It was a labor of love.

this is It is the common thread. Ask one successful person after another, and you’ll see it: a palpable love for what they do. Even the bad days are not so bad, because they are spent doing what they love.

My writer friend told me that even before he became successful, he loved writing. It doesn’t matter whether he’s paid or not, it doesn’t matter if he’s writing for an audience that consists of no one but himself. For him, writing day was a good day, by definition. everything He could have missed his day—a speeding offense, hidden on a date, smearing his favorite shirt—but if he wrote something he liked, it was a good day.

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my love story

My company does direct response digital marketing. This is a way of saying Google and Facebook ads. Am I really the love what I do? Do anyone Do you really like Google and Facebook ads? This sounds like someone needs to get out more.

Believe it or not, I have Fascinated by marketing for a long time. I started my first business at the age of 14, so I immersed myself in a professional culture from a young age. For this reason, I was attentive when digital marketing started to become a “thing”.

Lots of people scratched their heads. People said “Google is a search engine”. “Why would I buy ads from them?” Ditto with Facebook. In the end, I sank that Google and Facebook were where the eyeballs were, so this is where you put the ads. For many business owners, digital marketing has never been more or less useful. Useful, but not exciting.

I reacted to this innovation in a different way. Here’s how I saw it: If you could figure out how to do it right, direct response digital marketing allowed businesses to buy growth.

Think about that for a second. Do you want to grow your company? No need for word of mouth or sensational publicity; Just buy it! How much growth do you want? How much can you pay? How much are you willing to spend? The more you spend, the more you grow.

It seemed like magic to me. I admit I might be a bit of a nerd to think this stuff is pretty cool. And of course, I was in no hurry to find DRDM. My entrepreneurial journey may take longer. Tried a bunch of crap – real estate, a job site, kindle publisher….

Perhaps the latter was the most fun. For a hot moment, I was the number one publisher on Amazon in the “Amish Romance” genre. Yes, there is a small group of ladies who are positively turning on our production. But digital marketing was never far from my mind, because it impressed me. Perhaps the reason I didn’t pursue it sooner was because it seemed so easy. I loved the idea of ​​it, so it couldn’t be a viable business for me, right? Otherwise everyone to do it.

Perhaps I should have trusted my heart and done it sooner, or perhaps my journey was exactly what it had to be to lead me to lasting happiness.

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How to turn what you love into a business

So what if you love video games? Does this mean you should become a professional player? Maybe, but this Difficult business to get into. My mentor once told me, “Stop trying to build an airline and start drilling for oil.” Business genius failed to make flying successful; Become the absolute idiots of oil exploration millionaires. On the spectrum of aviation for oil, to become a professional player is the airline. It’s like saying you’ll become the next Michael Jordan, especially if you’re 5’6″. Yes it can It happens, but is it possible?

But that doesn’t mean that a difficult place like gaming or basketball can’t become a profitable business. If you love video games, try reaching out to game professionals, designers, and developers. Ask them what their biggest pain point is. What do they hate most about what they do?

When you identify a problem that all these game pros face, this Your business idea. Find out how to solve it, sell your solution to video game professionals, and voila: you’ve turned your love of video games into a business!

Finding a business idea you fall in love with isn’t a stark science. It’s in your YouTube search history. It’s on the accounts you follow on Instagram. It’s what you do by default if you have some spare time, which you never shut up when your friends push you to talk about it. I’m not saying it’s going to be easy, but at least now you’re armed with information. The common denominator of truly success is loving what you do.


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