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The Legendary PAW Team Decided to Postpone Their Pre-sale to the 13th of February

The Legendary PAW Team Decided to Postpone Their Pre-sale to the 13th of February
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The Legendary PAW Project has decided to postpone the presale to February 13, 2022.

The main reason for delaying pre-sales is that they have many groups of private investors that they communicate with.

This will enable them to handle the pre-sales, marketing and distribution of the game in a way that ensures success, as well as creating an opportunity for investors to make significant profits.

Now, PAW has announced the launch of Legendary PAW, a unique “Play-to-Earn” Binance smart-chain token that leverages NFT (non-fungible tokens) and coins similar to Axie Infinity.

The company aims to overcome the challenges of the current crypto market with its world-changing financial projects and NFT games.

They also announced that people would be able to mutate NFTs with an NFT mutagen.

Before the launch of the Marketplace and NFT combinations, an AIR sale will take place, where people will have the ability to earn NFTs randomly, directly in their wallets.

The NFT slot game is almost ready and will be announced shortly after the release of NFT.

What is the legendary claw?

Legendary PAW is a digital token for use on the blockchain that can be used for gaming, trading, and more.

Legendary PAW is a digital asset on the blockchain that will be used as a currency in many online games and entertainment platforms. The founder of the company is Gabriel Catalin, and the owners of the property are Paolo Stylianou, and Iakovos Iniatis.

The company aims to transform the NFT game scenario with the support of 7 prominent financial projects and generate profits based on financial data such as market, exchange, payment processor, cards, stock exchange, crypto platform and more.

The legendary paw symbols are an asset to the company. They are part of a larger ecosystem called the Legendary Token Platform; This ecosystem will allow anyone to create their own tokens, using different types of assets.

These new tokens can then be used as cryptocurrencies without any transaction fees and with instant confirmation times. This ecosystem also allows a person to trade directly from their e-wallet without having to go through exchanges or pay commission fees. People can also buy cryptocurrency using fiat money and withdraw their winnings using debit cards or cashback services.

NFT gaming platform has some unique features

PAW offers different advantages over other play games. With the aim of eliminating the current crypto market problems with prominent projects, they will ensure a steady cash flow. Their unique technology can be a direct competitor to Blockchain and they also have a well-designed marketing strategy, investors and growth model and will be listed on major exchanges.

In the future, PAW coin will provide depositors with future investment options. The coin will provide financial data for all the projects involved to ensure 100% transparency. Investors will get bonuses with profit percentages from the launched projects.

The platform will allow users to exchange earned Paw Points to tokens for projects they love and then trade these tokens on exchanges. This way, investors will be able to buy tokens before the project hits the market.

To learn more about Legendary PAW and its pre-sale launch, visit their website and join the community on social media.




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