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The Good Web Guide Awards 2021 Winners Announced

The Good Web Guide Awards 2021 Winners Announced
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After a one-year hiatus, the Good Web Directory Awards are back again with fanfare for 2021. In light of the two-year foundation shaking that businesses have had to navigate – including Good Web Directory – we were thrilled as soon as the doors were open, and entries came in flowing. We’ve seen the largest number of participants since the Industry Awards launched in 2009, enabled and encouraged in part by our decision to waive the entry fee, making the application process more affordable. We were equally pleased with the positive response on Instagram, which was exceptional and encouraging to see.

Our esteemed and distinguished judges were an added attraction for the entrants and made the selection process enjoyable. Our thanks go to Courtney Adamo, Kristina Strutt, Alastair Hendy, Craig Landall, Abbey Oguntad, Alex Minchin, Tanishia McSweeney, Mecca Ibrahim, Kelly Eastwood, Lily Label and Jason Mohr. These business leaders and taste makers have given many hours of the trading process, as well as great expertise. The scale and scale of the posts designed to inspire, illuminate and, at times, stark judgment, is further evidence of the outstanding quality of our winners triumphing amid such a talent-packed spectacle.

Our congratulations and admiration to every single person and business that has entered simply for being in a position to do so. The pandemic has wreaked havoc on the industry. Those who have adapted and prevailed during the uncertainty, not only in terms of the economy but our way of life itself, deserve a great deal of appreciation.

Each of the winners in our category is exceptionally strong and this has been discussed a lot; In light of this, the overall winner has been the most heated debate.

Website of the year 2021

It was a close call in naming the overall winner, but Collagerie moved forward. Created by two A-listers, Lucinda Chambers and Serena Hood, Collagerie is redefining our way to shopping. Upon hearing the news, Lucinda Chambers said, “We’re over the moon and that means the world to me, Serena, and all of our (very, hard-working little) team.”

Lily Liebel, Creative Director of Entourage Collection commented, ‘I LOVE Collagerie. Beautiful design and easy to see the products and understand who they are and what they do. I love their logo, the color blocking of their website, and their moody design. I really wanted to get involved and explore more, and loved seeing the products I actually like and discovering fun new ones.

Jason Mohr, Founder and CEO of AnyJunk (the 2019 GWG website), said, “I love the idea and style/credibility of the founders. Nice integrations. Very easy to navigate.”

Application of the year 2021

This was awarded to Wine Cellar Door, to promote English wine. For those keen on drinking more home-produced wine, this app is a godsend, where you can find vineyards, opening hours, and tasting notes, all under one digital roof.

Audience Choice 2021

Martha Brooke, the stationery and personal accessory company, garnered a loyal following who voted in droves for their favorite brand.

2021 class winners

Other winners include The Modern House, a real estate agency that helps people live in more thoughtful and beautiful ways. Inspired by the principles of Modernism, it represents design-led homes across the UK that pay attention to space, light, materials, nature and décor. Esquire credits The Modern House with “rewriting the rule book about real estate agency” and was voted by GQ as “one of the best things in the world.”

Multi-talented designer – Chef Comes – Shopkeeper Comes – Comes – Photographer Alastair Hendy, put it simply: “The site is as airy and modern as the properties he sells – like stepping into wallpaper pages*.”

Create Academy is the online learning platform that offers beautiful and carefully curated video courses unprecedented access to the expertise of today’s leading personalities – Rita Koenig, Tomasina Myers, Dan Pearson, Willow Crossley and Molly Mahone – in the home, food, gardening, flower arranging and decorative arts.

Mecca Ibrahim (Women in the Food Industry) was aptly impressed by saying, “The Video Creation Academy has put together a very engaging way, especially with vertical videos. I also like the way they have linked newsletter subscription with registration to access the free videos.” It’s simple yet warm, accessible and incredibly easy to use.” Fellow judge, Kelly Eastwood of London Chatter, said, “Great site: great design, captivating and very original.”

To see the full list of category winners, click here.

For more information on the 2021 Good Web Guide Awards, please contact Arabella Dymoke: email:

Editor’s Notes

The winners were announced online via Instagram, Facebook and Twitter on Tuesday, January 11, 2021.

Streets ISA Chartered Accountants, one of the UK’s 40 largest chartered accountants with offices in 12 locations across the UK, has catered to clients’ needs in relation to taxation, accounting and auditing and has taken care of the property class.

Zest Digital has donated a small mapping workshop (worth £650) to the winner. Zest Digital is an award-winning growth marketing agency, helping clients achieve growth goals by increasing their online visibility and improving conversions.


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