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The Apprentice: Who are the past winners and where are they now?

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Amy Griffiths

The new series of the Apprentice Well done and already in progress BBC One, introducing viewers to a whole new group of ambitious individuals who hope to impress Lord Sugar.

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While we can’t wait to find out more about our new group of hopefuls, we can’t help but look back at the previous contestants who won the reality show. Find out what they’re up to now.

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Karina Lepore – 2019

With the BBC’s 2020 series postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic, Karina Lepore is the series’ latest winner. As a prize for winning the 2019 competition, Karina was awarded 250 thousand pounds sterling by Lord Sugar to invest in her artisan Dough Bakehouse.

Business appears to be thriving for Karina as she has expanded her bakery to two other chains in Beckenham and Bromley. However, when the pandemic hit, Karina’s plans to open a chain of convenience stores were put on hold. “Of course, when the pandemic hit, everything changed for everyone in hospitality,” she told the Mail on Sunday.

“It’s tough right now. We’re finishing up, and that’s fine. But if it wasn’t for a pandemic, we might have three or four stores now.”

Karina Sugar

Karina owns the artisanal Dough Bakehouse

Sian Gabedon – 2018

Sian went ahead to win in 2018 and secured the funds to found her new business, Sian Marie, a swimwear and fashion brand. Her Topical Goddess collection was a hit, and stars including Michelle Keegan have worn it on Instagram. Speaking about the celebrities who wear her brands, she previously said, “Love Island girls, TOWIE girls. I’m friends with some of them. Love Island this year, I’m going to take a look at who’s going there. I want them to love wearing them and not get paid to wear them. From the past these were It’s the way it worked. I’ve never paid anyone to wear it.”

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She talks about her life after winning the Apprentice, She continued, “Obviously we did the show and then the changes we made to the business – turning it from very small scale to mass production – we had a very busy year. It was crazy – especially with the big launch party at the end of the show.”


Sian created a swimwear and fashion brand

James White – 2017

James didn’t have the best time after winning the show with Sarah Lynn, as his new job reportedly faced “unfortunate setbacks” in the first few months. It was also reported that James had a falling out with Alan Sugar after he set up a different business with a friend the sun Revealing that Alan reportedly said he was “stupid, naive and naive” for his wrong decision. However, the Right Time Recruitment brand is still going strong, and James is also engaged in public speaking.

James 2

The time to hire is still going strong

Sarah Lynn – 2017

Despite erroneously promoting a confectionery company that already bears the same name as an existing one, Sarah and her sweet business, renamed Sweets in the City, are a hit and are available in WHSmiths, Holland & Barrett and Waitrose. Talking about the range of desserts launched at Waitrose on Instagram, Sarah said: “The initial feedback was great and I can’t thank everyone who has supported me and worked on this adventure so far enough – now many new customers are getting to taste and see the product for themselves, So please head over to the nearest Waitrose and buy a bag… or two… or three!”

Sweets -1

Sarah owns a sweet shop in the city

Alana Spencer – 2016

Alana may be one of the most successful candidates from the Apprentice, Through its Ridiculously Rich by Alana cake business, annual sales have reached £500,000. The baker, who has since purchased a five-bedroom house, told daily Mail That going on the show was the best financial decision I’ve ever made, explaining, “It was not only the best financial decision, but the best decision I’ve ever made in my life.” You have made a huge difference in every aspect of my life. Financially, I was able to make a profit from my business and put in a huge deposit to buy a house. I also have a different work schedule. Instead of baking and selling in markets, I work in the office and work in the development kitchen. “Her gorgeous cakes are now sold through ambassadors across the country, and she’s even bought back all of Lord Sugar’s stock, according to the sun.

Abrin -1

Alana owns a successful cake company

Joseph Valenti – 2015

After winning the bid and entering into business with Lord Sugar with boiler-installer ImpraGas, Joseph eventually parted with Alan’s ways, buying him to take control of the company. The company had sales of £3 million and had 28 employees, and Joseph managed to secure a place in the Forbes 30 under 30 list in Europe for his efforts. However, earlier this year Joseph sold his boiler installation business and is now CEO of his company Trade Mastermind, which provides advice and training to companies in the construction industry.

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He also wrote a well-known book, He was kicked out of the classroom into the billionaire boardroom.


Joseph is the author of the bestselling book

Mark Wright – 2014

After Mark won the contest back in 2014, he did some pretty cool things! His digital marketing agency, Clime Online, is thriving and generated £4 million in sales in 2017. Mark received the Young Entrepreneur of the Year award for 2018, and spoke of the business as a dream come true for him. website. He wrote: “I wake up every day and still can’t believe I’m the director of Climb Online.”

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He continued, “This business is a dream come true for me. When I came to the UK in 2012, with nothing but a passion for work and a love for digital marketing, I didn’t know how to start running my own business… I just knew I wanted to So hard. Lord Sugar and intern, along with nine years of experience in the industry, have created a recipe for a really great job! I love helping companies achieve their goals every single day.”

Mark Wright 1

Mark won the Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2018 award

Leah Totton – 2013

Dr. Lea has gone from strength to strength since winning the program back in 2013, and after just a few years of trying to launch her cosmetic clinic, she now has three clinics, the most recent of which is located on Baker Street. She shared a video of herself cutting the ribbon for a new store with Lord Sugar, writing, “Dr Leah Baker Street Clinic has officially opened! It’s a dream come true for me to have a clinic in the heart of London’s medical district I am so grateful to my amazing team dr_leah_clinics, our loyal clients and of course my partner lord_sugar for believing in me 5.5 years ago – which made all this possible. We have three clinics!”


Leah has expanded her plastic surgery clinic

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