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Tech talent gap creates challenges, opportunities in Tallahassee

Ruvas CEO Eddie Gonzalez Loumiet is leading a local effort to boost employment and awareness of Tallahassee's growing tech sector.
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Tallahassee is home to more than 60 technology-based companies. But most people don’t know that.

Insiders say it’s a common reality they’ve faced and, in their own ways, tried to turn around with some success. Many feel that more can be done.

“I met someone over the past few days who said, ‘Eddie, there’s no tech sector in town,’” said Eddie Gonzalez Lumet, President and CEO of Ruvos, a leading provider of healthcare IT.

He politely disagreed and annoyed several company names: Kikoda, a software company. Agency 223, an online marketing company. Ghost Controls, a manufacturer of gate automation.

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223 agency employees work together in an open work area in the office, Wednesday, January 12, 2022.

The tech industry is imploding and is credited with producing nearly 13,000 jobs in Tallahassee. However, for example, there are more than 540 computer and math jobs available in the market, according to CareerSource Capital Region.

Despite the growing demand and overall need for technology, employers are frustrated with their inability to find qualified candidates.

A new effort, the Talent Line Management Initiative, better known as TPM, may help. It was created by the American Chamber of Commerce to be transferred to the local level.

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