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Stop Worrying and Learn to Love Wordle, Twitter’s New Trend

Stop Worrying and Learn to Love Wordle, Twitter's New Trend
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Even if you don’t turn it on, you probably know what Word At this stage. The simple word game has received some notable attention from publications such as the New York Times. But beyond that, the game itself is a marketing campaign of its own. Has your Twitter feed been inexplicably filled with colored boxes over the past few weeks? this Word.

Word It is a browser-based puzzle game that is easy to play and fortunately does not take much time. The goal is to guess a daily five letter word without hints or clues. When a player writes a word, the different colors will indicate if he got some letters correctly. Green indicates the correct letter in the correct place, yellow indicates that the letter is correct but the position is wrong, and gray indicates that the letter is not in the word. Players have six attempts to get it right. The only prize for completing it is the option to copy and paste results, hence the Twitter acquisition.

haters appear

Liked by a lot of players Word, but as with any popular social trend, it has earned its fair share of naysayers, too. While talking about the game with a friend recently, he told me that someone he knew was so upset about this trend that she started tweeting the answer every day – to the point of paying money to promote some of the tweets.

“Things I Hate in 2022….. Your Liars, Cheaters and Your Wordle Posts on Twitter,” You read one sarcastic tweet.

Cycles of social reaction can be expected, but it’s one I can empathize with. After all, no one likes to feel neglected. Bare tweets don’t explain exactly what’s going on — not to mention they’re a potential nightmare for those who use screen readers. It’s easy to see the origin story for Wordle Scrooges.

For those who find themselves annoyed with the flow of boxes in their feed, here’s a tip: It’s much easier to join the party than it is to gobble it up.

The fun of Wordle is that it’s easy to pick up. As long as you know some five letter words, you know how to play. It’s a free browser game, so there’s no price to enter, and the only addictive puzzle of the day means you can’t get addicted to it even if you wanted to. From what game has it become a social phenomenon, Word It is the most easy to use.

I’m on the Wordle Train, but I vow to publish my book only in the dead of night.


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Enjoy simple pleasure

But even the game itself isn’t what makes it special. Wordle has become one of the titles of social water coolers that can connect strangers. It’s a phenomenon we’ve seen in games like pokemon go And Animal Crossing: New Horizons over the years. There’s a collective joy attached to it, which is why gamers seem so excited to share their results on Twitter, despite it being a completely voluntary feature. When a Wordle player sees the result of a tweet in the wild, it’s like when a dog spots another dog.

It was really hard to feel part of a social community for the past couple of years. Digital communication can feel impersonal and gaming has its limitations. despite of Animal Crossing: New Horizons It was a huge trend, yet it still required gamers to own a Nintendo Switch – no small undertaking amid supply chain problems. Companies like Meta have tried to capitalize on our desperation by pushing us into the virtual reality-powered metaverse, but it’s hard to shake off the feeling that the company wants our money more than our happiness.

There are no such strings attached with Wordle. It’s a simple pleasure that will only take a few minutes of your day. Once you get into the loop, all those yellow and green Twitter squares will start to feel a lot less annoying. They are signs that friends, loved ones, and strangers all share exactly the same experience. It is a virtual five-player game between players who have found a harmless way to kill time.

If that doesn’t warm your heart, just update the silent word list and let everyone have fun.

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