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Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits Launches New Digital Marketing Company, DRAM Agency, to Help Suppliers Maximize eCommerce Strategies

Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits Launches New Digital Marketing Company, DRAM Agency, to Help Suppliers Maximize eCommerce Strategies
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Miami and Dallas – (work wireSouthern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits (Southern Glazer’s) – the world’s leading distributor of alcoholic beverages – today announced that it has formed a new subsidiary, Agency DRAM, to provide digital marketing consulting and services to wine and spirits suppliers looking to revitalize or accelerate their e-commerce strategies. their. DRAM stands for the Digital Revolution of Alcohol Marketing and the team behind the agency has an extensive arsenal of experience in digital marketing operations and across all aspects of wine and spirits e-commerce. DRAM Agency is a central resource for Southern Glazer’s strategic suppliers to access digital tools and solutions, data and education about e-commerce, and the tremendous growth opportunities for brands in the digital marketplace. Similar to the origins of the word dram referring to a single pour of whiskey, agency dram is a single source for best practices in online marketing for the wine and spirits industry.

Throughout 2021, DRAM has worked with Southern Glazer suppliers of all sizes to provide access to major platforms and provide them with the tools and information needed to increase media effectiveness. The agency has already implemented digital marketing campaigns for nearly 200 brands representing more than 60 suppliers. DRAM Agency also helps foster innovative activation opportunities by screening new and emerging platforms and creating pathways for testing and learning.

“With this new agency service, Southern Glazer can provide industry-leading data and analytics, as well as media purchasing power to increase the effectiveness of suppliers’ digital strategies and improve shelf share across digital platforms,” said Nathan Mansberger, Vice President. B2C e-commerce, Southern Glazer’s. “Whether a supplier is just beginning their e-commerce journey or looking to take it to the next level, DRAM Agency is equipped and ready to ensure that wine and spirits brands are in the best position to maximize return on investments across digital channels and platforms.”

By acting as a dedicated supplier or as a complement to the digital marketing team of existing suppliers, DRAM Agency can help with 4yActivation strategies at a level such as display advertising, digital out-of-home advertising, online content optimization, and how to take advantage of other new e-commerce technologies to increase traffic and conversion for online brands. Suppliers can also benefit from the DRAM team’s in-depth understanding of alcoholic beverage compliance and regulation to navigate the complexities and opportunities of online wine and spirits brands, making the agency a unique and strategic resource for anyone looking to keep pace with today’s ever-changing digital ecosystem.

“Southern Glazer has invested significantly in digital marketing by bringing in the best talent available and organizing innovative e-commerce partnerships to create the strongest capacity in the industry,” added David Chaplin, Southern Glazer’s Chief Growth Officer. “The new DRAM agency offers a premium service offering to our suppliers to ensure they win at the digital point of purchase and increase sales and market share across e-retail channels.”

For an overview of DRAM’s offerings and capabilities, suppliers can email –

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