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Singing Sensations India’s First Digital Singing Portal by Shubham Jain

Singing Sensations India’s First Digital Singing Portal by Shubham Jain
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In an interview, we came to know that Chobham hails from Delhi and has completed his MBA in Marketing. Since his graduation days, he has been fascinated by the power of digital media. Since then, he has shown tremendous growth in the marketing industry. He soon realized his passion for helping individuals and small businesses build their online presence. In 2016, Shubham co-founded Confus Media. From digital marketing to personal branding, the company offers comprehensive solutions to meet client requirements.
Now, Shubham Jain, who is associated with digital reality show ‘Singing Sensations’, is a partner in people’s harmonious journey.
The digital reality show has boosted the careers of many great singers. There are many of these big name singers in Bollywood today and they started in the industry with digital reality shows. Reality shows have influenced the career path of many great singers. There are many such singers who are big names in Bollywood today and have started in the industry with reality shows. Now another name has joined this digital world, which started a new platform to give a new identity to singers, which is called “Singing Sensations”. Shubham Jain started this some time ago.
Shibam launched this platform for those capable people who want to make their name in the singing world. Shubham started a web portal called “Singing Sensations” for these people, the purpose of which is to give options for new talents. It is a blessing to Shubham Jain’s hard work that this unique online portal has made a different place in the music world in one year and has become an important part of the passionate journey of others.
“Every talented singer is looking for an opportunity,” says Shubham. “There are more than one singers coming out of different types of singing reality shows and different platforms, but most singers have to show their talents after these shows are over. You don’t get a chance. In such a case, a song will come out.” Singing sensations as a wonderful way for them.
Shibham said that he not only provides the platform to singers through his portal, but also takes responsibility for the expenses and marketing of that song.
Not only is “Singing Sensations” a platform for new singing talent, but it also has a place for up-and-coming singers. Soon an exclusive five-song album will be released with a famous singer in Singing Sensations.
Shubham said talks are also underway with Sonu Nigam and Monali Thakur and he hopes both of them will soon also become part of Singing Sensations.

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