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Similarweb Bolsters its Keyword Generator with YouTube and Amazon On-Site Keyword Intelligence, Adding More Than 800 Million New Keywords

Similarweb Bolsters its Keyword Generator with YouTube and Amazon On-Site Keyword Intelligence, Adding More Than 800 Million New Keywords
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Tel Aviv, Israel–(work wire) – Web-like (NYSE: SMWB), a leader in digital intelligence, today announced updates to its Keyword Generator tool within its digital marketing intelligence solution, ushering in a new era of comprehensive keyword research and breaking down barriers. To provide digital marketers with an integrated system. View search behavior. Updates include adding on-site search data for Amazon and YouTube beyond Google’s current capacity, as well as a new hybrid keyword volume calculation, which complements Google API volume estimates with similar proprietary data.

“The new keyword generator offers something that we think is completely unique,” ​​says Mauz Lakowski, Vice President of Digital Marketing Solutions at a similar company. “Not only do we provide keyword research based on real behavioral data, we also address the reality of how people search. Discoveries across Google, Amazon and YouTube are fundamentally different – ​​Google is informative, Amazon is brand-heavy and YouTube is comment-focused. Keyword Generator enables SEOs and digital marketers to consider all of these search behaviors holistically.”

So far, many keyword research tools have overlooked the value of keyword insights from YouTube and Amazon, but a similar site allows digital marketers to easily explore these search engines in order to provide them with a comprehensive view of search behavior:

  • As the second largest search engine in the world, YouTube has become an important interface for brands to reach and convert customers. YouTube Similar Site Keyword Builder provides YouTube keyword data such as search volume, clicks, and related keywords, so that content teams and search professionals can optimize their video content to rank higher on YouTube (also known as “YouTube SEO”), In addition to improving their chances of being featured in Google’s video SERP (otherwise known as “Video SEO”). The YouTube Keyword Generator tool can also be made use of to discover content opportunities within any topic.
  • Over 60% of product searches start on Amazon, making it an important e-commerce channel. With Amazon Keyword Generator from a similar site, search professionals can now discover thousands of high-intention keyword ideas, and improve their Amazon search strategy by taking advantage of the site’s monthly search volumes, clicks, organic vs paid search ratio, and top countries and related keywords.

For more than a decade, Sameweb has collected quality and quantitative publicly captured behavioral data that is nearly impossible to replicate and is constantly expanding, because new data is being collected every day.

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About similar web:

As the most reliable platform for understanding online behaviour, millions of people use similar insights daily to enhance their knowledge of the digital world. We empower anyone – from the inquisitive individual to the enterprise business leader – to make smarter decisions by understanding why things happen across the digital ecosystem. Learn more here:

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