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SendOwl, a platform for selling digital goods, raises $4.5M from, Stripe and others – TechCrunch

SendOwl, a platform for selling digital goods, raises $4.5M from, Stripe and others – TechCrunch
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SendOwl, a platform used to sell and present digital products, has raised $4.5 million in seed funding from, with participation from Stripe and other investors. SendOwl enables creators and businesses to sell digital goods such as e-books, podcasts, online courses, memberships, training services, remote live events, and more. Users can do this on their existing website or blog via SendOwl’s payment links, Stripe and Shopify integrations, or using SendOwl’s API.

The startup aims to increase the GDP of the creative economy and is the first remote company with employees on three continents and clients in more than 50 countries. SendOwl says it has provided nearly $2 billion in digital and virtual goods to tens of thousands of paying merchants across millions of transactions. SendOwl’s current clients range from Universal Music Group and fitness influencer Kayla Itsines to thousands of independent creators.

SendOwl CEO Matt Plotke, previously a growth leader for Stripe and LinkedIn, says SendOwl plans to use its seed funding to further accelerate growth and introduce new products and infrastructure to meet the growing needs of the creative economy.

“Our focus is on team, product, and growth. We are actively recruiting across engineering, products, marketing, and more, which will enable us to ship SendOwl 2.0 while continuing to expand our existing product and user base,” Plotke told TechCrunch. “We saw some really amazing organic growth during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, and we want to continue building on that momentum while delighting our existing user base with more products and features soon.”

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SendOwl was founded a decade ago as a side project by George Palmer, who says he hasn’t been able to find a reliable way to sell digital goods directly to buyers. Plotke explained that when he had the opportunity to buy the company in 2020, he moved as fast as he could to make it happen. Now, Plotke says SendOwl is back in its “refounding” moment as it has raised funds from and Stripe and is also in the process of improving its platform.

Plotke says that SendOwl differs from its competition because it It allows sellers to sell what they want and wherever they want across multiple platforms. It indicates that users can quickly create an account, add payment capabilities, create a product, make it available for sale, and put it into the hands of potential buyers through a simple process.

In terms of the most popular activity on the platform, SendOwl sees a lot of merchants selling audio like music, podcasts, and guides. The platform also sees merchants selling videos, training services, memberships, secure PDFs, and access to live events. SendOwl sees the biggest activity in Music, books, writing, health and beauty, apps, software, sports, amateur content, food, cooking, professional development, influencer marketing.

Regarding the future, Plotke says:The next generation of SendOwl, if implemented correctly, will change the game for creators, businesses, and end buyers. Day zero for digital goods is still on our minds. We want to equalize and go beyond the tools and infrastructure that have been created to trade physical goods online.”

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