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Salesforce Announces Tools for NFT Marketplaces

Salesforce Announces Tools for NFT Marketplaces
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Salesforce on Thursday (January 13) launched several new innovations and partnerships that it will use to help companies build non-fungible token marketplaces (NFTs), virtual environments, social commerce capabilities, and data connectivity across platforms.

Calls Origin Protocol and Topia Salesforce to power NFT platforms and metaverse experiences.

Origin Protocol uses its Story NFT product to bring NFTs into the mainstream with Salesforce cloud hosting, performance, and scalability, while Topia advocates for Salesforce scalability capabilities and provides compatibility with any Ethereum-based blockchain wallet.

Additionally, Salesforce Commerce Cloud customers can produce and publish interactive 3D experiences that connect the digital and physical worlds and drive customer loyalty using virtual storefronts with partners Unity, Obsess, and Threekit.

Salesforce will also import social commerce tools for China through Alibaba Cloud, giving merchants better processing for managing orders, product information, and shipping providers.

The company also added PayPal as a checkout option through Salesforce Payments and debuted a retail wholesale B2B (B2B) app built on Commerce Cloud by independent software vendor partner XCentium.

Salesforce has also released a suite of digital intelligence solutions that connect brands’ commerce and marketing data and give them insights and analytics to improve relationships, return on investment (ROI), and revenue.

The Datorama Connector for Salesforce Order Management System (OMS) allows e-commerce platforms and marketers to understand the relationship between product-level order results from Salesforce OMS — such as sales, revenue, and revenue — with campaign performance.

Meanwhile, Datorama Connectors Amazon Seller Central and Amazon Vendor Central are improving marketing and commerce performance in Amazon-based sales and orders. In addition, the Datorama e-commerce data model organizes e-commerce data from any platform and the Tableau Connector for Commerce Cloud allows merchants to import and access third-party data sources.

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In November, Salesforce and DocuSign expanded their partnership and announced new solutions for customers to prepare and sign contracts, quotes and invoices. You will track and enforce contract terms and manage things across multiple platforms.

Salesforce and DocuSign will automate the contract process with intelligent artificial intelligence (AI) solutions, optimize the ROI process and improve collaboration with organizations through Slack functionality.


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