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Researchers Conducted A Study On Frequently Misspelled Brand Names Across The Internet / Digital Information World

A MoneyCO study has uncovered some of the most misspelled names online, and it continues to delve into what makes a good brand name.

Ideas come to everyone. Talk to people on the street, and one in three or so will talk about this great idea or plan that they have, or some money-making scheme or business proposal that will really put them on the map. They talk about plans, they talk about a lack of investors, they talk about ambitions. But such people rarely have a name for their idea; A concrete statement that conveys the message. The reason is simple: choosing a name for a business is difficult, and choosing a good one is even harder for many people.

One might think that the name is the first thing that companies and startups come up with. They will be wrong. It’s very hard to think of a good name, and it often takes people weeks, if not months. Some names are very short and some are very long. Some don’t click, don’t deliver the message, don’t convey the startup’s reason for being. Others don’t feel very personal about the founders, and feel jaw-dropping when they roll their tongue. A brand name means a great deal to the creators of said brand, and therefore he must be right. It’s the first projection of your idea onto the world, and it should grab their attention right away.

MoneyCO conducted a study on hard-to-spelt brand names for the Internet. They published a list of the top 20 brands, with frequent misspellings. Using a variety of online statistical and analytical tools, they were able to determine the use of online nouns for this study. The most misspelled name across the board, Hyundai, ended up in 605,000 misspellings over a 30-day period. In fact, car brands make quite a few appearances on the list, with Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, Volkswagen and Bugatti making frequent mistakes. Other examples include the Haagen-Dazs ice cream company, and quite a few liquor brands such as Hennessey and Heineken.

Of course, these companies will be considered bad brand names, if they are prone to misspellings. However, frequent misspellings tell another story. It tells the story of names so common, recognizable, and relevant that people keep talking about them online. All names may be misspelled, but their phonetics and pronunciation stay with everyone. Unfamiliarity with these names, foreign to most individuals, gives them an aura of great power and authority. Lamborghini is a name that sounds almost royal. In the end, this is what helps these brands beat them in saturated markets.

H/T: Statista.
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