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Rapid Recon introduces one-on-one troubleshooting service for dealer clients

Rapid Recon introduces one-on-one troubleshooting service for dealer clients
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Palo Alto, California. –

The beginning of the new year is often filled with promotions for exercise; Maybe even using a personal fitness trainer at the gym.

Well, Rapid Recon is taking a similar approach with its latest service to help dealerships get in better shape for their front-line stock faster.

Technology provider RECON EDGE called for a solution to re-performance and margin pressure humps that can erode the profitability of used vehicles.

The company explained that RECON EDGE is a new, key-level, key-level troubleshooting service for customers who use the Rapid Recon renewal workflow program to ensure continuous improvement in their operations.

For example, when analyzing technicians’ workflow and payroll, Rapid Recon said the RECON EDGE troubleshooter resolved a $6,700 monthly salary loss attributable to non-applied labor efficiency. A troubleshooter that investigates why a merchant has reached a stable stage of performance in their time-to-line efficiency has identified poor workflow in details as the cause.

According to a press release, the implemented recommendations have reduced the detail time per vehicle to 1.2 days from 3.3 days, making cars ready for sale faster.

The company highlighted that RECON EDGE’s troubleshooting experts know dealers’ hassles, understand their challenges and excel at resolving past performance and efficiency issues.

RECON EDGE experts bring years of experience operating and working in fixed or variable sales operations.

First by phone and then while visiting your store floor, RECON EDGE troubleshooters can:

• Examine challenges raised during routine Rapid Recon performance reviews for dealers

• Visit the Survey Program in person to meet with agency decision makers and view the Survey Department’s communications, processes, practices, and people

• Identification of performance and workflow issues to isolate deficiencies in existing processes, practices, and goals/objectives

• Identify profitability buried in ineffective, neglected or inappropriate processes and practices – compare performance numbers to realistic improvement numbers that the agent team can achieve

The company went on to say that RECON EDGE can solve:

• Shop time palaces

• Delays ready to sell from time to time

• Employee performance challenges

• Bottlenecks and weaknesses in work and personnel flow

• Extensive performance challenges affect the speed and cost of vehicle renewal

RECON EDGE troubleshooters include:

• Dan Anton, Performance Manager, Lean / Six Sigma certification. He has spent eight years managing variable and fixed operations to reduce turnaround time for one of the largest Jaguar/Land Rover operations in the country. Join Rapid Recon in 2019.

• Bradley Orr, Performance Manager, has a deep background in both variable and fixed operations, including responsibilities such as wholesaler and brokerage, used car buyer and manager, general sales manager, and dealer. Join Rapid Recon in 2019.

• Dustin Jones, Performance Manager, recipient of the Nissan Award for Excellence in Counseling. He spent 14 years in aftermarket and sales operations across multiple rooftops, particularly with the multi-store Lithia Group. Join Rapid Recon last year.

For more details, go to Or call Anton at (803) 640-9378.

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