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Raincatcher Brokers the Sale of Cornerstone Siding

Raincatcher Brokers the Sale of Cornerstone Siding
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DENVER, Dec 8, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Cornerstone Siding has worked exclusively with Raincatcher to successfully run an operation, listing and successfully matching the business with the right buyer.

The decision to sell came after owner Nate Brennan realized it was time for him to make a change. He’s been in the home cementing business for 20 years, and his family bought Cornerstone Siding seven years ago. Located outside the Coeur d’Alene area, Idahoans and the subsequent housing boom provided Brennan and his family with a solid and recurring revenue base.

Brennan had sold the franchise before, which he found relatively simple. But the idea that a company he spent so much time running could even be sold, much less easily, wasn’t something he thought he could do. He was concerned about risk, confidentiality, and the well-being of his employees.

Cornerstone saw gross profit and net income rise 46% and 62%, accordingly, in the first five months of 2020 compared to the same period the previous year. With little competition in the region, and a reputation for excellence, the company was ready to bring the right offer to the negotiating table. Moreover, repeat customers contributed 80-90% of the company’s profits, ensuring continued revenue and secure cash flow.

While the sale took many twists and turns in its journey, Raincatcher was able to work with Brennan and successfully complete the sale in a way that not only satisfied the buyer and seller but also helped Breannan learn new skills in the process. According to Brennan:

“The process was really healthy. It made me constantly look at and re-evaluate my work. My experience with Raincatcher has left me with new confidence in myself and the work. Their team did a great job at reassuring me. I was also fascinated by the process and learning about it. Raincatcher helped me understand that they did so many times, and even early on I understood the full scope of the process and even the amount of the selling price.”

Founded in Denver, Colorado, Raincatcher is a modern small business brokerage that is setting up new bars for its industry. Raincatcher works with business owners and buyers alike to not only improve each business’s selling price but also match it with the right buyer when it’s time to sell. Powered by digital marketing tactics and a spirit of successful matchmaking, Raincatcher saw great potential in the Cornerstone family-run business and was able to work with Brennan on getting his company ready for sale.

“Its long-standing domestic reputation, clean finances, and stable revenue base have made it a perfect fit as a Raincatcher List,” says Marla DiCarlo, Raincatcher’s CEO.

Cornerstone buyers were made by Matt and Cody Baker. The Raincatcher broker who spearheaded the deal is Mark Halma. click here To find out more about selling.

Are you interested in buying or selling a small business? Raincatcher is here to help you create the next successful chapter in your entrepreneurial journey.

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About Raincatcher

Raincatcher is a national business brokerage firm that specializes in small and medium businesses. Our mission is to help entrepreneurs buy and sell great businesses.

In an effort to serve local business owners locally at every stage of their journey, Raincatcher has dedicated managers to suit different business needs.

business growth manager, Susan Froe
General Manager – Midwest, Cameron Bishop
Managing Director – East Coast, Steve Fisher
Managing Director – West, Aaron Lenenbach
General Manager – Digital, Mark Woodbury

Our team consists of accomplished small business owners who have taken on the challenges faced by small and medium sized private businesses. This experience enables us to guide our clients with first-hand experience through all stages of the commercial buying and selling process.

Our approach is different from the average commercial brokerage. We pride ourselves on serving our customers with empathy and compassion, prioritizing their success, as we share their journeys with them.

Simply put, we care. We care about your business, and will work hard to help you understand its value throughout your exit planning journey.

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