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Overcoming small business challenges using digital marketing tools

Overcoming small business challenges using digital marketing tools
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Watch Episode 2 above, catch up on Episode 1, or follow Jim and Alice’s journey in Episode 3 and Episode 4 now.

For small business owners, who often explode with great ideas, have a sound business model and a great product or service to offer, the challenges brought about by digital disruption can leave many struggling to figure out what to do or where to go next.

Continuation of the Documentary Series on Digital Transformation, Episode Two [if you missed episode one you can catch it here] He takes us back to New York City, USA and Kirkentelooch, Scotland to see the small business owners – Jim Little of Caurnie Soaperie and Alice Liu of Grand Tea and Imports – learn about the team leaders.

In conversation with Natasha Chetiyawardana, Creative Partner and Co-Founder, Bow & Arrow (part of Accenture Interactive) for Team UK and Tracy Lieberman, Vice President of Digital Marketing, Outside the Company, Chipotle for Team US, team leaders gain a deeper understanding of the problems and challenges that these two businesses face. The two minors in their businesses and the main areas in which they need help to improve.

“I would definitely like to change the website, to remove the plastic from the packaging, and reduce friction in the ordering process.” Jim Little, Kaori Swabri

To bring a new sense of optimism to small businesses through these new connections, viewers are also introduced to the industry contributors who make up each team, and who bring a range of diverse experiences and skills to the table. We also get a glimpse of the initial plans they plan to roll out to each company with proposed changes aimed at helping them unlock digital value in their businesses.

The difference is:

UK team

  • Shane Covey, Experience Leader, VMLY & R – Healthcare / Pharmaceuticals

  • Stuart Gilmore, Owner, Stand

  • Mel Henson, Head of Business Strategy and Creativity, OptiZon

  • Srija Chatterjee, Global Marketing Director, Dole Sunshine

  • Cameron Worth, Chief Creative Officer, SharpEnd

  • Cassandra Stevens, Head of Global Trade, Publicis Commerce

US team

  • Wes Morton, Founder and CEO of Creativ Strategies

  • Colin Bushmin, founder and designer of Full Bleed Design

  • Melanie Mahaffey, Global Executive Director of Communications, R/GA

  • Matt Weinberg, co-founder and president of Happy Cog

  • David Kang, Information Security Risk Leader, University of Southern California

  • Gayatri Sriram, Director of Digital Marketing, India and SEA, Bacardi India


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