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Organic Garage’s Plant-Based Company to Launch Online Store

Organic Garage’s Plant-Based Company to Launch Online Store
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After the successful launch of its initial product line at brick-and-mortar locations, Future of Cheese Inc. , vegetarian food Affiliate of Organic Garage Ltd, Preparing to launch her own e-commerce store during the first quarter of this year. This entails having its entire line of alternative dairy products for sale throughout Canada.

Using unique aging and manufacturing processes, a well-established distribution network, and prominent marketing channels, Future of Cheese is set to disrupt the fast-growing vegan dairy market. In November last year, the Canadian company contracted with US-based sales and marketing firm Oxford Hill Partners to develop and help implement its North American growth strategy and product launch.

“Since our launch, we have been inundated with orders from customers across Canada and the United States, asking if they can buy directly,” said Jen Wojciech, Toronto-based president of Future of Cheese. “The vegan food trend, combined with the necessity to shop online for groceries, has accelerated our plans to launch our own retail e-commerce platform in order to cater to the growing demand from the digital ‘click to table’ shopper.”

According to the latest Brick Meets Click/Mercatus shopping survey, online grocery sales in the United States reached $97.7 billion in 2021 and online grocery purchases grew 2% to make up nearly 13% of total grocery spending for the year. The results show that more than 70% of American households received one or more applications during the year.

Future of Cheese believes that accelerating plans to roll out its online shopping platform will quickly expand its reach to new customers and add direct-to-consumer sales. The company also plans to significantly streamline the shopping experience, providing customers with detailed information on each product, from its nutritional values ​​to the unique processes used in its production, something that is difficult to do with traditional retail.

“We want customers to be educated and inspired when they choose to purchase our products, in the same way that I visit a table in my restaurants to take dinner in person during the process of preparing the food they are going to experience, and leave it with the satisfaction that we care deeply about,” said Craig Harding, co-founder and culinary director of Future of Cheese. the food and products we offer.

Meanwhile, its parent company, Organic Garage, reported a drop in sales from C$6.9 million in the same period last year to C$5.9 million for the third quarter ending October 31, 2021, as the impact of increased COVID-19 inventory cooled. Total third-quarter sales did not include any material contribution from Future of Cheese due to the timing of the company’s product launches at the end of the quarter. Despite this, the gross profit margin for the independent grocer It grew from 30.4% to 31.3%.

Founded in 2005 by a fourth generation grocer, organic garage It is based in Toronto. The company currently operates five stores, and is focused on continuing to expand its retail presence in the greater Toronto area.


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