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Multi-Million Dollar Companies’ Go-To for Creating VIRAL Content

Multi-Million Dollar Companies’ Go-To for Creating VIRAL Content
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From creating viral content, building brands and working with Academy award-winning American History Xdirector Tony Kaye – one design team and agency is taking it to the next level. Image Source:
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From creating viral content, building brands and working with Academy award-winning American History Xdirector Tony Kaye – one design team and agency is taking it to the next level.

Meet Alejandro Corpus and Liz Yam of Keithcity – a new kind of design agency that has become as engaging as the major brands and icons they represent. Based in New York, this fast-growing agency is designing campaigns that go and have gone viral with Bill Nye The Science Guy, and are creating content and solutions for Community, Songtrust and more.

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Alejandro and Liz first met while working together at an award-winning brand design and development firm Peter Arnell Agency. There, Alejandro served for several years as a Brand Consultant & Motion Designer. Liz also spent years as the Head of Digital Products, managing UX/UI designers, and managing client relations. After loving their experience working for Arnell, they were inspired to create Keithcity. While it was a big step for them, it’s been a success and they’ve never looked back!

They wanted to create an agency that also reflected their beliefs. Alongside their diverse team, Alejandro serves as Creative Director and oversees creative production, art direction, and client relations while Liz, as Head of Strategy, focuses on content development, strategic ideation, and managing the team.

Keithcity Group’s strategic multi-platform solutions are key to building iconic brands. The agency specializes in seamlessly combining solutions for design needs that range from art direction, branding to advertising and product design. This holistic approach helps Keithcity Group build accessible, engaging, and forward-thinking creative content that sets its clients apart and creates viral content.

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Alejandro and Liz are inspiring entrepreneurs and can talk about:

● The evolution of their careers and how they’ve mastered the art of connecting with audiences across generations to make highly-popular content.

● How Alejandro’s teachings in art and architecture led to an entrepreneurial career in brand marketing

● Why Keithcity’s diverse group of talent is important when it comes to creating

● campaigns that resonate with today’s diverse audiences

● Entrepreneur Profiles

● How Keithcity has mastered the art of connecting with various audiences by making its campaigns accessible, engaging and innovative

● Tips to creating viral content

Currently, Keithcity Group is the agency of record (AOR) for Community, a text-message marketing company that has attracted the likes of Saweetie, Stacey Abrams, and Williams Sonoma as clients. Where they handle all of the community’s social strategy, idea, and content production.

In addition to Community, Keithcity Group is the direct in-house producer and content creator for Bill Nye. The beloved scientist, who currently has seven million followers on TikTok alone, has recently attracted buzz for his burgeoning social presence in outlets like The New York Times. They produce content for Bill’s TikTok and his other social channels. Keithcity Group also has managed content creation for the scientist’s brand partnerships with companies such as Chipotle and Bombay Sapphire Gin.

Deadline announced this year that Keithcity was personally picked by Academy award-winning American History X Director Tony Kaye to produce animated sequences for his upcoming film Tremendum. The film, set to be released this fall, is inspired by Kaye’s conversations with Marlon Brando from the late ’90s through the early 2000s.

Keithcity Group has also worked with industry-leading clients such as Songtrust, Cameo, and Visionary Music Group and most recently Issa Rae’s Raedio company for Community.

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