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Morissa Schwartz C’15, G’20 Named to Forbes 30 Under 30 List

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Morissa Schwartz C’15, G’20 Named In Forbes 30 Under 30 . List

Founder of Drew University Graduate of a publishing firm and PR/Marketing firm

December 2021 – Drew University graduate C’15, G’20, Morissa Schwartz, was recently named to the Forbes Under-30 list in recognition of her burgeoning career in publishing and marketing.

Between graduating from Drew with a major in English and high school writing in 2015 and earning her PhD in Arts and Letters from Caspersen Graduate School in 2020, Schwartz founded a book publishing company, GenZ Publishing, and a public relations and digital marketing firm, Dr. Risey Writing and Marketing.

GenZ Publishing, which focuses on underrepresented groups and writers, has published more than 20 Amazon bestsellers in the genres Young Adult, Fantasy, Romance, and Poetry, while Dr. Reese has been recognized as one of the top PR/Marketing firms in the region New York and New Jersey.

Schwartz points to the confidence she gained in Drew as helping her start her career on a strong note.

“I was Drew Chapter President of the International Sigma Tau Delta Society for English Language Honors and was honored with the Chapman Prize in Poetry for two consecutive years. This kind of positive feedback motivated me to keep writing and to pursue my literary interests.”

“Drew made it clear to me that work and creativity aren’t opposites,” she added, recalling several fond memories in and out of the classroom.

Read Morissa Forbes’ biography here.

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