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Mobile Retail Data Governance Drives Increased Data Value

Mobile Retail Data Governance Drives Increased Data Value
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E-commerce offers an incredible growth opportunity for retailers, those who implement mobile retail data governance strategies stand to increase the value of their mobile retail data.

Messaging Architects, eMazzanti Technologies and data management expert, discuss mobile retail data governance in a new article. The informative article first emphasizes that the explosion of retail data on mobile devices presents both a challenge and an opportunity for retailers.

The author then explains how convenience is driving the growth of mobile commerce. After briefly discussing mobile hash data evaluation, he listed four mobile data problems, including redundant, fraudulent, or inaccurate data. Other challenges listed include unmanaged data, security risks, and compliance. He concludes by saying that retailers who implement mobile retail data governance are in a better position to overcome those challenges.

“E-commerce offers an amazing growth opportunity for retailers,” said Greg Smith, Vice President of Service Delivery at Messaging Architects. “Those who implement mobile retail data governance strategies stand to increase the value of mobile retail data.”

Here are some excerpts from the article, “Mobile Retail Data Management Drives Data Value.”

Comfort drives growth

“Convenience tops the list of e-commerce benefits for buyers. They choose to shop anytime, anywhere that offers a mobile network or internet connection. For retailers, e-commerce offers an incredible growth opportunity. In fact, Statista expects global mobile purchases to exceed 3.56 trillion dollars for 2021.”

The accuracy, security and legality of mobile data is a challenge

  • “Redundant, fraudulent or inaccurate data. A consumer may interact with a business from multiple devices, often creating duplicate accounts. Moreover, mobile devices increase the risks of “spam clicks” (fraud) and “slips” (clicks unintended), which are cloud marketing metrics.”
  • “Data mismanagement. Mobile devices provide a bevy of data points with the ability to inform business and marketing strategy. However, data analysts must be able to interpret the data with the appropriate context to gain value from it. Mismanaged data offers no value and often leads to great liability.”
  • “Data security risks. The information collected often includes real-time customer location data. Phishing attacks also take advantage of buyer “slips” and social engineering to drive unintended clicks on phishing links. Thus, retail cybersecurity requires more attention and resources.”

Expert help to increase the value of data

The data governance experts at Messaging Architects provide the tools to customize an effective mobile segmentation data management strategy. They help locate, classify, store and transmit data securely and automate policies to facilitate privacy and regulatory compliance.

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