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Merge Media Disrupts the Sales Process for Mortgage Brokers and Loan Officers

Merge Media Disrupts the Sales Process for Mortgage Brokers and Loan Officers
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Merge mediaInc., an innovative company that creates digital marketing campaigns tailored to mortgage professionals, shows that the best ideas come when you’re not ready to settle for business as usual.

The industry has always struggled with the same question about the sales process posed elsewhere: How do you define an effective customer relationship so that the sale is made? Cold calling, one of the options, was almost abandoned due to its inefficiency and low chances of success. Cultivating relationships, while important, takes time to achieve.

Even buying leads from industry giants is frustratingly inefficient, as you have to compete with other buyers for the same leads to contact them first. MERGE Media thinks there’s a better way: it provides each of its customers with a calendar of pre-booked appointments with personalized, personalized leads that haven’t been sold to anyone else.

It’s an innovation in the selling process that allows mortgage professionals to become more productive, efficient, and boost their profits faster and more consistently.

Why customized offers can be a game changer for mortgage officers and brokers

To understand why Merge media The approach helps its customers achieve higher sales, consider this hypothetical example. A broker in New York City decides to buy leads from a company that sells thousands of them to countless clients. These prospects can live anywhere and be of any demographic.

While you can assume that everyone is interested in taking out a mortgage loan, the level of interest and ability to qualify for a loan can vary. The problem then is that the broker will receive them all and have to contact all of them. Some will actually talk to another broker while others may be interested but in the end they cannot qualify for a loan due to various reasons.

Merge media He believes that this is an inefficient way to grow leads and has created a system that takes this part of the selling process off the shoulders of mortgage professionals so that they can enjoy a higher probability of success.

MERGE Media solution for brokers and loan officers

The team at MERGE Media analyzed these issues and created services that would ease the burdens their customers face, freeing them up to experience more productivity and profits with their business. Through customized digital marketing campaigns, MERGE Media helps its clients avoid the old sales system and get several steps ahead of their competitors.

The approach focuses on the solution that when a mortgage professional walks into the office, he or she should see in his waiting a calendar of pre-booked appointments with viable and warm prospects.

The MERGE Media team accomplishes this with the mindset that when they work for their clients, they come along as their marketing team. They analyze the ideal customer personality and then create and run marketing campaigns that generate prospects that are only sold to their customers.

When a potential customer makes an inquiry about an incoming loan, MERGE Media will send first contact emails and text messages on behalf of the mortgage customer. These are sent continuously until the in-house MERGE Media Agent talks to the potential customer. Once the individual books an appointment with the mortgage banker, the transplant continues.

More emails and text messages are sent with the goal of providing the person with more information about the mortgage process. If a MERGE Media customer is unable to speak with the potential customer for several days, MERGE Media will continue to send emails and text messages to the leader until the cultivation continues.

This is the secret behind MERGE Media’s ability to provide appointment calendars to every mortgage client with exclusive and warm leads.

Media Integration: More Productivity, Efficiency, More Profit

With MERGE Media, a mortgage professional can leave behind outdated ways of growing leads and instead focus on why they originally entered the industry: to have fun, meet interesting people and have a lucrative career. In doing so, they have a trusted and experienced partner who will always work hard to make the first stage of the sales process flow more easily, resulting in stronger work and less pressure for their customers.

MERGE Media is a digital marketing agency that specializes in creating customized leads for mortgage brokers and lenders. Professionals create personalized campaigns for their clients and are constantly looking for ways to help them do their jobs better and more easily. For the convenience of its customers, MERGE Media cooperates with Coin Payments and can accept payments in cryptocurrency or keep them in the company’s cryptocurrency wallet.

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Posted on November 9, 2021

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