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Meet NYC’s Premiere Laser Hair Removal Practice, Spark Laser Center!

Meet NYC's Premiere Laser Hair Removal Practice, Spark Laser Center!
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New YorkAnd January 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – Spark Laser Center is one of the most popular laser hair removal practices in the world New York City. Having provided clients of all races, genders and backgrounds with the best non-invasive aesthetic services for nearly a decade, Spark Laser Center is dedicated to providing much more than just laser hair removal!

Over the years, the Spark team has built a good reputation among New York City Elite cosmetic laser clinics, but they are passionate about offering their clients the best and most effective medical spa treatments around town. From skincare, chemical peels, and facials, to methods like platelet-rich plasma therapy, and more, they are excited to bring a whole new client base to the practice.

And now that we are finally emerging from the doldrums left by the Covid-19 pandemic, with a full crew back in command, the team at Spark Laser Center is excited to revitalize the business and reclaim its place among the best laser hair removal providers NYC to offer!

Spark also reached out to a new digital marketing and web development team at Caymana Consulting, one of the leading marketing agencies in New York City. The team at Caymana Consulting are instrumental in building beauty brands across New York City and beyond! To get into the fold, with their current industry knowledge as well as a proven track record of success on the search engine, as well as social media, the Cayman team is the perfect choice to help take the Spark Laser Center to the next level in the ever-changing aesthetics market in New York City! Learn more about it at

Spark Laser Center is known for its outstanding services and unparalleled aesthetic eye, provides a range of cosmetic procedures, and uses the latest aesthetic technology. In addition to cutting edge laser hair removal, they are also known for skin care methods such as Hydrafacial, VI Peel, and more!

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About Spark Laser Center

With nearly a decade in business, Spark has earned a reputation among patients as one of the best laser hair removal practices in New York City. As a holistic medical spa, they also specialize in areas such as skin care, laser rejuvenation, anti-aging, PRP, wellness, scalp treatments, skin tightening, women’s intimate care and much more. Spark can be found in the heart of Midtown Manhattan at 119 W 57th street, Suite 1101 or by phone at (212) 245.0940.

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