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Marketing agency recognised for out of this world contributions

Marketing agency recognised for out of this world contributions
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A British company that has established itself as a global leader in strategic marketing for aerospace companies has been nominated for a number of prestigious awards for its work connecting and promoting those in the fast-growing sector.

Despite only having been in existence for two years, AstroAgency has been ranked among the country’s top 10 SMEs for 2021 after being nominated for this year’s Digital SME award at the UK Digital Leaders 100 Awards.

Founder and Creative Director, Daniel Smith, was nominated for Young Entrepreneur of the Year at the 2021 Great British Entrepreneur of the Year award, while Marketing Director Lara Zannini was nominated for NextGen’s Rising Star, an award that celebrates women in space.

Smith has helped drive the creation of four space startups in the past four years and is a member of the advisory board of the UK-wide group of space students, UKSEDS, as well as being the past chair of Space Scotland, an industry-led group working in collaboration with both the Scottish governments. and the United Kingdom and the National Universities to develop the space sector in Scotland to support the offer of the public space sector in the United Kingdom.

The UK government has made space a priority, with Prime Minister Boris Johnson recently providing an introduction to the UK’s space strategy.

Smith believes the nominations are a testament to the company’s unique offering and his team’s passion to work toward a sustainable, diverse and inclusive global space sector, with the 23-strong AstroAgency team comprising a diverse range of expertise from space technology, rocket science and satellite data analysis to business development, digital marketing, public relations and communications. companies.

Daniel said: “What distinguishes AstroAgency is the diversity of our team and the technical understanding we can provide to our clients to help them enter, grow and succeed in the fast-growing commercial space sector.

The vast majority of our team have previous experience in large and small space organizations and have detailed knowledge of the sector – which, when combined with our passion for business development and marketing, makes us a suitable fit for many aerospace companies. Even our interns are building satellites or launching vehicles at the university!

“Being nominated for these awards is a nod to the hard work the team has done over the past two years, starting at the start of a global pandemic with a unique idea that had never been implemented before, and we could not have been more humbled to acknowledge that effort.”

The Digital Leaders 100 list is organized by public voting teams, awards and individuals for their work in the UK’s digital transformation sector while the Great British Entrepreneur celebrates the best entrepreneurs from across the UK.

Lara Zanion, Director of Marketing at AstroAgency, was recently nominated for the NextGen’s Rising Star Award – hosted by the oldest existing space advocacy organization, the British Planetary Society.

Lara said: “In the past, the space sector was a predominantly male industry, so it is great to see women rising up the ranks across the space sector.

“I am very proud to be nominated for such a prestigious award that celebrates women in the industry, and to work for such a diverse company – in fact, AstroAgency has more women than men, which is unusual for the space sector.”

The recent award nominations come in addition to the company’s nominations for two Sir Arthur Clarke Awards earlier in the year – commendations in the Education and Outreach Team category and the Industry/Individual Project category, where Smith was recognized for his efforts in promoting sustainability and a more diverse aerospace sector.

The Sir Arthur Clarke Awards, known as “The Arthurs,” have been in place since 2005 and honor individuals and teams who have made notable or outstanding achievements or contributions to the space sector.

AstroAgency, founded in 2019, has not only survived the economic struggles of the pandemic, but has had many successes in the space sector.

The company creates and amplifies messages from private and public sector organizations operating in the space or looking to transition into the sector, with a unique blend of strategic marketing support, brand building techniques, space media coverage, detailed technical knowledge, and critically important market intelligence.

AstroAgency helps companies – who may not consider themselves aerospace companies – realize their potential and offer in one of the UK’s fastest growing sectors.

The agency is looking for organizations with transferable technology, skills or experience that can be used in the space supply chain and is currently looking to recruit three new team members for marketing roles.

AstroAgency is headquartered in Edinburgh, and AstroAgency’s rapid growth and diverse remote team is based in key strategic locations, including London, Milan and Paris.

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