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Manscaped goes global with UFC renewal

Manscaped goes global with UFC renewal
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Specialized jargon and clichés are well-established business viruses that are highly transmitted, so we stand with anyone trying to eradicate them. Lake Superior State University’s annual list of words and phrases includes the following well-worn words and phrases: “Wait, what?” ; “Do not worry” ; “At the end of the day”, “it is said”, “return of the circle”, “deep dive”, “new normal” everywhere, but elusive, “you are dumb”; and “supply chain”. I am sure that most companies cannot operate without these two last ones.

“Yesterday is a canceled check. Today is cash at stake. Tomorrow is a promissory note” – Pro Football Hall of Famer Hank Stram.

Manscaped’s phenomenal growth over the past five years to a $300 million brand has more to do with marketing the right product at the right time than anything else. The UFC since 2019 has been the biggest manscaped sponsorship. Thus, a new three-year renewal of the original two-year sponsorship of the UFC’s “official electric trimmer” nearly triples the primary care investment – a price that matches both ownership and brand growth.

Manscaped, which has awarded prestigious properties like Canadiens the unusual designation of “Official Waist Care Partner,” is one of the UFC’s biggest sponsorship success stories — whether you’re tracking revenue growth, building brand equity or revitalization. “The UFC has been exceptional for us and has allowed us to focus on their core of young males, who are our primary consumers,” said founder and CEO Paul Tran.

Manscaped will retain the brand within the ring, as well as transition to a global UFC partner

Now that Manscaped has grown enough to sell products overseas, the new deal expands those UFC rights from domestic to global. Other new sponsorship items include “ownership” of the fourth and fifth rounds, with audio commentary and logo integration to match Manscaped’s Lawn Mower 4.0 electric shaver, and the yet-to-be-released Lawn Mower 5.0. There will also be additional custom content and additional integration for UFC talent. Octagonal brands will, of course, continue.

“They created an industry and helped it,” said UFC Vice President Grant Norris-Jones, Vice President of UFC/Global Partnerships Grant Norris-Jones, noting that the original sponsorship began with informal rhetoric.” The association began with a six-figure digital/social partnership To support Manscaped’s efforts in the direct-to-consumer channel – which is still the largest – although Manscaped products are now sold at major retailers such as Amazon, Target and Macy’s. This deal is about three times the previous deal, and rises to a low seven figures annually. Mind you: this is a very new category, and there is no consensus on what to call it, except for “men’s grooming”.

Manscaped is also the corporate sponsor of RuPaul’s annual DragCon. Accordingly, Tran said his favorite post of the year was the publication that declared Manscaped “the only brand that can sponsor drag queens and UFC at the same time.” “I’ve been very proud of everything that has been said about our diversity and the markets we’re reaching…As we expand into things like lip balms, we feel that the brand is very flexible and can work in anything under the men’s health theme,” Tran said.

Along with the UFC and a quartet of its fighters, Manscaped’s sports sponsorship portfolio now includes NFL and NHL teams. With the company set to go public on the Nasdaq in March, we wonder how much its appetite for sponsorship has grown.

The UFC, one of the first sports to come out of the box after the COVID shutdown, has been late with a 34% increase in sponsorship revenue since 2020. It’s still devoid of some of what other properties would call core categories, so there’s a particular focus. In 2022 it will sponsor landing under the QSR, Auto and Insurance categories.

Manscaped Gym Care List
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UFC 49ers Max Holloway (UFC)
Glory to kickboxing Senators (NHL) Brandon Moreno (UFC)
West Ham United team
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Frances Ngannou (UFC)
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Sydney Roosters
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Sligo Rovers
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(Irish Premier League)
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  • MSG and Anheuser-Busch have renewed a marketing agreement, and as part of the deal, the brewer will be a sponsor of both MSG-owned CLG, which plays in the professional North American League of Legends (LCS) arena, as well as Knicks Gaming, which plays in NBA 2K , by SBJ’s Trent Murray. AB will collaborate on live stream content on Twitch with both organizations with the goal of insider access to the organizations.
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