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Lucata Names Michael D. Moore to Board of Advisors

Lucata Names Michael D. Moore to Board of Advisors
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NEW YORK, December 14, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Lucata Corporation, which provides the next generation of computing architecture based on Intel technology for high performance and scalable processing at scale for graphic analytics, today announced that Michael De Moore, Ph. Solutions and Technology at Neo4j Inc. , to the Lucata Board of Advisors.

“We are pleased that Dr. Moore has agreed to join our Board of Advisors,” said Michael Molick, Lucata’s Chairman and CEO. “His unique experience as a scientist and industry practitioner building graphic analytics and AI solutions will be absolutely invaluable in helping us chart a path forward that aligns our technology with the challenges companies need most to solve. Dr. Moore serves as a personal advisor on business sentiment and current challenges.” The world is changing and with the emergence of these new technologies to do what was previously thought impossible, it is imperative that we resonate, deploy and listen to our partners and customers. Our technology is one of the keys to unlocking the unknown for the benefit of humanity.”

Moore is trained as a scientist, and has more than 20 years of experience delivering high-value analytics solutions to startups, agencies, and Fortune 100 companies. He’s worked with charting databases and charting analytics for the past 10 years, most recently building EY’s national consulting practice in Knowledge Charts for Enterprise and Artificial Intelligence. At EY, Moore designs and delivers complete graph-based solutions across multiple sectors/industries for use cases including 360° clients, recommendation engines, risk analytics, KYC, fraud detection, anti-money laundering, energy trading, digital twins, capital, project total cost visibility, and data management Principal, Ratio Data, and Foundation Data Fabrics.

“Charts will be the dominant, modern approach to managing enterprise data, and will consume the majority of SQL workloads over the next decade,” Moore said. “I am excited to have the opportunity to help advise Lucata because it is clear that the natural endpoint for most organizations will be petabyte scale knowledge graphs that support multiple operational, analytic, and predictive use cases. Lucata’s vision for high-performance, memory-accelerated graphing analyzers is truly groundbreaking and By releasing unprecedented business value from massive amounts of connected data.”

Lucata Pathfinder enables organizations to leverage massive pools of physical memory to accelerate and scale graph analytics and train AI and machine learning model orders of magnitude beyond the capabilities of traditional computing methods. The solution enables high-performance graphical analytics for ExaScale, including comprehensive first scale lookup (BFS), on massive, unruled and untried graphic databases. Lucata can be used with commercial or open source graphing software or with custom written graphing solutions that take advantage of LAGraph, GraphBLAS, or the Lucata library of search algorithms, allowing organizations to use their existing software to reveal much deeper connections within much larger graphs than is possible today. . These unique capabilities allow organizations to reimagine the capabilities of graph analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, addressing intractable challenges in fraud detection, cybersecurity, blockchain, risk assessment, healthcare, and many other areas. Ultimately, the Pathfinder hardware architecture will be ported to an ASIC design, which will provide a 10-fold increase in processing performance, enabling extremely high performance for a wide range of common big data computing use cases that cannot be cost-effectively addressed with traditional computer architectures.

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Lucata’s next-generation computing architecture takes advantage of Intel technology to enable organizations to accelerate and scale graph analytics commands beyond the capabilities of traditional computing methods. Lucata makes use of patented Migrating Thread technology to dramatically scale standardized memory and perform high-performance graphical analytics, including first-line search (BFS), on massive, uncluttered, non-tired databases. Organizations can now use existing graph database software or custom graphing solutions to analyze deeper connections on much larger graphs than ever before using traditional servers. Lucata solutions support leading-edge graphic analytics and optimizing machine learning and artificial intelligence for enterprises in financial services, cybersecurity, logistics, blockchain, healthcare, life sciences research, telecommunications, e-commerce, government, and more. The company has offices in Palo Alto, New York City, and South Bend, Indiana. For more information, visit

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