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LSTA Partners with DealCatalyst for Unique Loan Market Events

LSTA Partners with DealCatalyst for Unique Loan Market Events
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New York–(work wire) — The Syndication and Trade Association (LSTA) today announced a new partnership with DealCatalyst, which combines LSTA’s loan market leadership with DealCatalyst’s hybrid digital and physical conference platform.

We were very moved by DealCatalyst’s vision of combining in-person events with technology,” says Lee Shaiman, CEO of LSTA in New York. “This will add a whole new dimension to our traditional conference program by adding the additional ability to make deals as part of the event.”

The first event to be held under this partnership will be Middle Market CLO’s and Direct Lending in New York City at Pier 60, Chelsea Piers on June 15.y, 2022. The year 2021, buoyed by capital inflows and the introduction of new lenders into the market providing collateral, was a notable year for the issuance of new CLOs in the middle market which totaled approximately $19 billion. Direct lending has also seen a slight increase with asset managers providing an attractive source of alternative financing to small and medium-sized enterprises (“SME’s”), and to institutional investors as a high-return, risk-adjusted product.

The conference program is being developed by LSTA staff and members jointly with DealCatalyst’s Middle Market CLO and the Direct Lending Advisory Board. The hybrid format expands the audience of investors beyond the borders of the United States, to include foreign investors interested in the United States market.

In addition to its traditional conference format, LSTA has announced a new series of regional business networking events for the CLO and Leveraged Loans sector. The Covid-19 pandemic has made large-scale gatherings difficult. Alternatively, these events will target the CLO’s principal geographic hubs and investor activity.

“The past two years have shown that the hybrid approach to business is here to stay,” said Jade Friedenson, co-founder and CEO of DealCatalyst. “Our partnership with LSTA combines the best in-person events with our leading digital ability to make deals around those events.”

The advantages of this new partnership include:

  • Relevant and timely content with extensive coverage of the Middle Market CLO and Direct Lending Market jointly programmed with LSTA DealCatalyst Middle Market and Direct Lending Advisory Board.

  • A day full of strong personal networking opportunities with a carefully curated balance of issuers and investors.

  • A deal marketing program is included for all participants before, during and after the event to support market transactions in a safe and compliant manner.

  • A series of regional business networking events.

  • DealCatalyst’s stringent on-site Meet-Safe Covid-19 protocols including proof of vaccination and negative test case.

About LSTA:

Since 1995, the Syndication and Trade Association (LSTA) has been the industry’s premier platform for all participants in the rapidly evolving syndication market. Thanks to its members, who include thought leaders from major corporations, across the industry – including the buy-side, sell-side and supportive services (legal, accounting, advisory, technology, analytics, clearing and settlement) – LSTA has remained singularly focused on its primary mission: to promote a fair, orderly and efficient corporate loan market And growing while promoting and balancing the interests of all market participants.

About DealCatalyst:

DealCatalyst is a hybrid digital and physical conference platform with a dedicated focus on connecting global capital markets through physical and in-person deal conferences and deal marketing programs.

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