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InVue Expands to Create a Connected System for In-Store Retail Operations

InVue Expands to Create a Connected System for In-Store Retail Operations
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Charlotte, Nick–(work wire) – InVue, the leading global developer of smart hardware and software technology for retail, consumer electronics and data centers, has launched its most innovative product offerings to become a comprehensive systems provider for retail store operations. The company is expanding its InVue LIVE and NE360 platforms to streamline store operations, engage customers, and remove friction from the in-store shopping experience from pickup to checkout.

“Retailers’ need to create a unique store environment has never been more important. Our retail partners look for real-time information across stores so they can respond to shoppers’ needs in the ways they are accustomed to through online channels,” said Chris Gibson, Head of Product and Marketing at InVue. “By expanding our offerings in merchandise security, operations, and customer engagement, anyone from store leaders to corporate team members can make informed business decisions to differentiate their brand.”

Today, InVue presents direct access And live show, the main software applications of InVue LIVE – The first retail connected enterprise platform for daily store operations.

LIVE Display connects and improves retail stores by enabling colleagues to monitor and manage display merchandise in real time. Powered by InVue’s LIVE Network, the intuitive mobile app provides health, status, and service information instantly. Administrators can access key performance indicators such as customer engagement, plan compliance, and re-implementation to improve stores and reduce operational costs.

Direct Access provides visibility, control, and management to interact with locked, exposed, and sold products. The software behind InVue’s iconic OneKEY platform now provides a virtual switch via an app, connecting an entire network of access points to allow for faster customer service as well as monitoring and reporting of affiliate interactions in real time.

In addition, the company is expanding its access control and promotion portfolio for InVue LIVE by introducing two new compatible devices:

live locks Ensure quick access to stored and insured merchandise. Besides direct access, these digital locks require no local wiring, and offer multiple ways to unlock so retailers can quickly install, expand, and future-proof the changing needs of stores.

Live OnePOD Meets the dynamic needs of retail spaces displaying high-value merchandise by placing screen security in the palm of your hand. Set, schedule and play each show from a mobile device via LIVE Display.

LIVE OnePOD can switch between high security and high experience settings at any time and features first-of-its-kind self-defense technology. The smart sensor detects when security has been breached and automatically sends all displays to lock mode, hands-free.

InVue also introduces the next generation of award-winning NE360 Mobile POS Solution With the NE360 handheld model (NE360H) and NE360 Tablet (NE360T) mPOS cases.

With the latest NE360H and NE360T models, companies can combine their choice of phone, tablet, payment device and operating system to create a flexible mPOS system that evolves according to customer expectations.

“Customers get the same Bluetooth connectivity, 4-foot drop rating, and dual charging capabilities that the NE360 is known for, while flexible configurations enable them to change hardware or software solutions whenever they like,” said David Suarez, general manager of Point at InVue. sales department.

InVue will be launching new products for the first time at the National Retail Federation’s Grand Show in New York from January 16-18, 2022 at booth #627.

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