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Full list of UK companies that only work four-day weeks

Full list of UK companies that only work four-day weeks
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I once thought it was a ridiculous idea, as many British companies are now moving four days a week in an effort to raise efficiency and attract the best talent.

Atom Bank made headlines last month when it moved to a permanent four-day week without cutting wages by a penny.


The four-day weeks are believed to be an effective way to attract tired 9-5 . young talentscredit: Getty

However, far from the hippie move by the fintech company, Atom Bank has joined a fast-growing group of British companies that are cutting a day out of their weekly routine.

A Durham spokesperson told us: “At Atom, happy, healthy colleagues = happy, healthy customers.

“Business as usual.”

Some companies like Atom choose to allocate five working hours into four days, leaving Fridays free for the entire company.

At the other end of the scale, few companies have a 32-hour week with no wage loss.

In between, some of those listed offer employees 35 hours a week over four days.

Meanwhile, Leeds Financial BWD introduced a four-day week without a pay cut after a “fantastic” three-month trial earlier this year.

London-based software developer IriusRisk moved into a three-day weekend early this month, where CEO Christina Pinto told Forbes that the company received ten new resumes within 24 hours of the news.

With traditional work patterns disrupted by the pandemic and the so-called ‘Great Resignation’ now driving a quarter of Brits to consider leaving their jobs, some believe the four-day work week makes more sense than ever.

Here is a complete list of British companies offering their workers four days a week, according to the 4-day workweek campaign.

3D problem

This Donegal printing software company has 20 employees, all of whom have worked four days a week since early 2020.

They hope the four-day week will help attract talented workers from Dublin and Belfast.

Direct Scotland Advice

The Glasgow non-profit Advice Direct offers a benefit calculator, consumer advice and Covid advice to anyone looking for it.

You can also communicate via video call using British Sign Language (BSL).

Atom Bank

Durham-based fintech firm Atom is believed to be the largest UK employer to make the change so far, with 430 employees on its payroll.

Atom has 41 vacancies in Durham, London and remotely. You can search through them here.


A think tank dedicated to researching the future of work, Autonomy is a think tank dedicated to researching the future of work.

Autonomy is not currently hiring, but is always looking for placement candidates who are studying for their Ph.D.

Big Potato Games

The board game company in east London makes block games for Disney, Rolling Stone, and others.

The company moved to the four-day work week in 2019.

They just hired a new Head of Sales, so keep an eye out for future vacancies.


Blink e-commerce company in Norwich is a digital marketing agency.

The company is looking for a new SEO technology that brings in up to £30,000 a year.

Details here.

CMG Technologies

Suffolk 3D Metal Molding is an early adopter, introducing a four-day week in 2015.

Although CMG is currently not hiring, the company won the Wellbeing of the Year award from the East England Small Business Consortium in 2020, so be on the lookout.

Irish Housing Association Causeway

This non-profit organization in London provides temporary accommodation for homeless youth in London.

Hard work but rewarding, the charity hires a support team leader – and closes applications within three days. Details here.

Charlton Morris

One of the UK’s largest switching four days a week recruitment firm, Charlton Morris has 93 employees at its headquarters in Leeds.

According to its business model, the company is always hiring – with the determination that “exceptional people” are wanted. Application form here.

general knowledge

A non-profit workers’ cooperative in London helps activists build websites.

General knowledge is not employed at the moment.


A marketing agency in Newcastle has a lot of industry tools.

There are no vacancies at the moment – but the company has just hired a new part-time PR Manager on a £30,000 pro-rata contract.

Earth Science Partnership

Focusing on geology and the environment, Cardiff scientists took a three-day weekend to enjoy the Earth while they were not studying it.

They have just opened applications for a new engineering/environmental geologist, offering £40k to £50k. More information here.

Electra lighting

Lighting consultants london. There are currently no vacancies at Elektra.


North East Online Marketing Professionals, Evolved are looking for an Account Manager and HR Assistant, offering £26k and £25k respectively.

Applications are just closed for Additional Digital PR and Sales Consultant positions, so keep an eye out for more vacancies on their recruitment page here.


Marketing agency in Cambridge and London.

Flocc “always looking for passionate people with talent” – if you are, get in touch here.

Four days a week limited

A job search company that specializes in matching employees to roles four days a week.

Ironically, we haven’t been able to tell if Four Day Week itself is hiring — but we’ll let you know when we hear back.

Geeks for Social Change

Mancunian software developers who focus on research and “good causes”.

There are no job openings at the moment, but Geeks for Social Change has hired a new railroad developer — so keep it on your radar.


The Glasgow cosmetics company offers its employees 32 hours a week over four days.

A small team of seven, Gracefruit has no slots at the moment.

ancient events

Oxford-based management agency that emphasizes sustainability.

Legacy is not currently hiring.


Recruitment staff specializing in financial and technical markets jobs, based in Brighton.

MRL is hiring three new recruitment consultants to its Hove office. You can learn more here.

Transformational people and human resources

Design and marketing consultancy based in Wellingboro, Northamptonshire.

The company does not currently employ its small team.

creative punch

A boutique digital marketing agency based in Leeds.

The good news is that Punch Creative is always hiring talented new employees “regardless of existing job openings”.

There are no specific posts listed as open right now, but you can reach out here.


Hertfordshire advertising agency offers its employees Fridays off and a “friendly work culture”.

Four positions including digital PR for entry-level and SEO executives are currently listed here.

Flexibility brokers

This London-based climate finance company switched to four days a week in September.

Applications for a new senior program manager at the company – £45,000 profit – close tomorrow. Details here.

Rewards Agency

Advertising agency in Manchester that specializes in sustainable branding.

There are no vacancies at Reward right now, but you can register your interest in future job opportunities here.

stop AIDS

A charity in London dedicated to making HIV and AIDS a thing of the past.

They’re looking for a new COVID-19 Advocacy Officer – and the deadline is next week. More information here.

Evil fish games

The makers of Lincoln board games were “mistakenly founded” in 2015.

There are no vacancies listed at the moment.

Direct social enterprise

The Glasgow Finance Company that works with companies to find ‘innovative and ethical’ solutions to their problems.

There are currently no vacancies.

softer success

London-based consultancy and training focuses on employees and recruiters.

He is working to eradicate the “burnout pandemic,” with a podcast focused on the topic.

Its employees are now working four days weeks after a trial period, although there are no current opportunities to join the team.


A successful independent events platform based in Sunderland whose clients include Pfizer, Sony and Speedo.

They are currently looking for a Sales Development Representative, working from home at the moment. More details here.

T-Cup Studios

Bath Boutique Consulting that talks to employees and their superiors about how to improve results in the workplace.

There are currently no opportunities to join the company’s 12-person team.

Objective to publish

Founded in 2000, the Essex indie publishing house is behind magazines including True Health and Private Schools.

They are looking for a new Sales Director and are always open to new writers who have an interest or background in health, nutrition, food, or the outdoors.

More details about both can be found here.


As a supplier of high-tech medical services, this South Wales-based company provides prosthetics and materials for plastic surgery.

They recently hired a new Administrative Assistant via Kickstarter, but be on the lookout for future opportunities.


A center for charities, social enterprises and non-profit organizations in Dundee.

There are no vacancies listed at the moment.

UPAC Group

A Glasgow based packaging company claims to be the largest independent packaging supplier in Scotland.

UPAC is not currently hiring.

Venture stream

This Newcastle marketing agency recently adopted a four-day week – with free lunches offered on Fridays as well.

A great place to work Certified UK There are no vacancies in Venture Stream but recently a new Junior Copywriter hired, giving £18k a year.

YWCA Scotland

A young Glasgow-based women’s movement fighting for feminism causes 28 hours a week.

The group is looking for a new communications assistant.

Details here.

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