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Four ways small business owners can reignite their creativity

Four ways small business owners can reignite their creativity
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It’s no secret that the pandemic has forever changed the way small business owners think about how they run their businesses and treat their customers. A recent survey by Adobe of 3,500 small business owners in five global markets found that the overwhelming majority of 87% of small business owners have to innovate in their businesses to survive the pandemic, and 63% plan to maintain the changes they have made going forward.

With the effects of the pandemic still lingering, 74% of small business owners report that they face significant barriers to their creativity right now. Since they’ve been called upon countless times lately to come up with creative ways to recycle or save their work, it’s no wonder they feel less creative and are looking for new inspiration.

Here are some of the ways small business owners can reignite their creative energy to boost their business after a few years of uncertainty.

  1. Adopt a digital mindset first.
    For many small businesses, the transition from just a physical presence to a virtual one has been a difficult transition in such a short period of time, that after nearly two years of digital first transformation, 55% of small business owners said their online presence is now more important to the success of their business than their actual location. Online sales are the new normal, and small business owners are at the forefront of redefining the digital marketplace. The dream of “opening a store” looks very different to the small business owner today when most storefronts are virtual, but companies that all operate online face many of the same problems when it comes to creativity, and 82% of them know that creative design will. It helped them stand out and drive the business, but 45% indicated that they don’t have the time, tools, or skills to bring their ideas to life. Products like the new Creative Cloud Express are designed with small business owners, single-minded entrepreneurs, and the side. -Immigrants in mind. The tool gives entrepreneurs the ability to create compelling and distinctive visual content including graphics, flyers, menus, videos and animations in just a few clicks, and the starter plan is accessible for free.
  2. Take a Break.

    Creative inspiration for small business owners

    Sometimes the only way for small business owners to get their creative juices flowing again is to spend some time away from their business.

    Time away can feel like almost anything, even when scrolling through social media. In fact, 48% of small business owners find creative inspiration from what they see on social media, but many of them still find inspiration in more offline activities like reading (40%), cool outdoor activities (39%), exercising (36%) or watching TV or movies (33%).

    Creativity can come from anywhere, and by looking at what other businesses are doing on social media, small business owners find inspiration and ideas they can apply to their own business. In fact, 86% say they are inspired, not disappointed, when they see others in their industry doing well online.

  3. Improve social skills.
    As small business owners increasingly turn to social media to find their inspiration, they also know that keeping up with the myriad of platforms and algorithms comes with their own job description. 59% of small business owners say improving their social media skills will be the most impactful thing they can do for their business, including 64% of Generation Z and Millennial small business owners. Digital Marketing They spend more than nine hours a week thinking creatively about their business, and it is critical for them to use this precious time resource to the fullest. Sharp skills in social media are a must as basic skills become less important and small business owners get a lot of their time spent online. However, 42% still indicated that the most time consuming aspect of digital and social media is posting and managing their social media channels.
    Exhausted working hours graph

    Once inspired and creating or updating their brand, tools like Creative Cloud Express make it easy for small business owners to create templates for reuse so that it’s easy to produce consistent content without having to recreate each project from scratch, saving time and money, and making Designing beautiful content is intuitive, fun, and easy.

  4. Focus on customer engagement.
    Every small business owner, whether he admits it or not, has had dreams of going viral on the internet. Seeing the requests, likes, and followers pouring in after a post happens to catch on fire is the “holy grail” for some. But by injecting so much creative energy into chasing a viral moment, stress can be really detrimental to the overall social strategy, and can actually backfire. Small business owners actually find that their clients can serve as an important source of inspiration and creativity. Thirty-nine percent of small business owners say their customers provide the most inspiration for how they market their business, and that right after entering social media, interacting with customers and building a community is the main reason most small business owners websites go online, and 69% They value customer involvement more when evaluating their online presence, and inspiration can be detrimental anywhere for small business owners, but it can be hard to harness, especially when they already feel exploited or overburdened for resources. It is vital that small business owners celebrate that they have got to where they got these amazing conditions and take the next steps to reignite the flame of their creativity.

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