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Fanatics Acquires Topps Trading Card Business for $500M

Fanatics Acquires Topps Trading Card Business for $500M
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Fanatics are making acquisitions and are moving to become much more than just a supplier of sporting goods. She’s signed deals with Amazon to sell NFL apparel, has acquired a solid goods supplier to expand beyond just apparel, and she’s now buying up one of the biggest names in the trading cards: Topps.

Sources told CNBC that the deal, worth about $500 million, will include only the Topps name and its sports entertainment division. Topps’ line of candy and gift cards will remain independent of fanatics.

It complements Fanatics’ trading card business, which CNBC estimates at $10 billion. Last year, fanatics actually beat Topps for the rights to produce MLB trading cards starting in 2026, but that acquisition makes it fairly instantaneous. Topps held his rights for 70 years.

With this deal, the fanatics get the rights to the MLB trading card, and they will also get the rights to MLS, UEFA, Bundesliga and Formula 1, which all have active deals with Topps.

“With trading cards and collectibles as an important pillar of our long-term plans to become the leading digital sports platform, we are excited to add a leading trading card company to build our business,” fanatic owner Michael Rubin told CNBC.

Fanatics have plans to incorporate Topps into the NFT business – at least it seems that way. Fanatics’ Candy Digital holds the exclusive rights to produce MLB digital artwork, so it makes sense for fanatics to use Topps’ name and existing trading card business alongside their digital business as well. Think digital copies of real-world cards.

In the age of NFTs that act as digital trading cards, so to speak, a high-profile company like Fanatics acquiring a company known for its tactile-printed trading cards shows the residual value of the printed products.

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