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Crypto Compliance Company Names Red Lorry Yellow Lorry AOR

Crypto Compliance Company Names Red Lorry Yellow Lorry AOR
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BOSTON – Cryptocurrency intelligence and compliance firm Blockchain Intelligence Group has hired Red Lorry Yellow Lorry to support US public relations.

As a registered Blockchain PR agency, RLYL is tasked with building and implementing a media relations and influencer campaign to raise awareness of the company’s crypto-compliance and investigative expertise, as well as its solutions for banks, businesses, governments and law enforcement.

RLYL’s Boston office will oversee its work in bringing to the media’s attention Blockchain Intelligence news, events, resources and customer stories. Highlighting executive thought leadership in crypto compliance, investigations and business practices is part of the company’s purview.

Blockchain Intelligence awarded RLYL its business after submitting a competitive bid. There was no current agency.

“If you were looking for an agency skilled at the intersection of technology, business, and regulation like cryptocurrency, there was no competition — trucks were really the only option because they demonstrated a strategic understanding of our business and our industry,” said Nate Habermayer, Blockchain’s Head of Intelligence, Marketing and Global Communications.

“Their team brings the perfect blend of B2B technical expertise to increase our awareness within a growing and complex space. With cryptocurrency widely adopted, we are excited to work together to bring success to our brand.”

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