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CommentSold Acquires Vizzlie, Aims to Simplify Social Media Marketing – WWD

CommentSold Acquires Vizzlie, Aims to Simplify Social Media Marketing – WWD
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With the goal of making social commerce easier for retailers, CommentSold, a digital commerce solution that enables small and medium businesses to sell through live and social commerce with automated business functions including invoicing, inventory management, order fulfillment and marketing, has announced that it will add a Vizzlie tool to its platform. Notably, the acquisition is a step forward in furthering the company’s goal of helping retailers grow their business and customer relationships.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed but did happen as a recent research report by Accenture showed social commerce to grow to $1.2 trillion by 2025.

“We constantly strive to provide our merchant partners with tools, technology, and features that make their lives easier, so they can focus on increasing their revenue and connecting with their customers,” said Brandon Cross, Founder and CEO of CommentSold. “We are very pleased to be able to integrate Vizzlie into our business to help our retail partners automate and simplify their marketing efforts. The tool saves valuable time for our CommentSold merchants by allowing them to customize and schedule push notifications, email campaigns, Facebook posts, text messages and other communications.”

By adding Vizzlie, the customization and scheduling tool for marketing and messaging, to the CommentSold platform’s personalization and scheduling of posts on Facebook and Instagram it will become a simpler process for merchants so businesses can build deeper relationships with their customers. At CommentSold, the tool will alert consumers about upcoming direct selling sessions, new product arrivals, promotions, and more.

Additionally, Vizzlie’s template system will allow merchants to quickly make text replacements for individual posts and follow up with customers via personalized emails or text messages with the option to schedule ahead of time. Merchants will also be able to use the tool to collaborate and share graphics or templates with other members of their internal teams all on the CommentSold platform.

Notably, Vizzlie’s CEO, Ryan Barnard, will join CommentSolds in a senior leadership position.

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