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Coca-Cola Announces Canned Cocktails |

Coca-Cola Announces Canned Cocktails |
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Today in the food business, grocers are wooing health-conscious shoppers after New Year’s, while New York City is getting a delivery market meant to be more restaurant-friendly. Additionally, Yoni Samshima, co-founder and CEO of grocery marketing platform Chicory, talks about contextual commerce.

OrderChekout delivers NYC restaurant meals commission-free with low user fees

There’s another restaurant delivery company coming onto the scene in New York City, but newcomer OrderChekout differs in that it doesn’t charge a cent from restaurants, matches menu prices, and increases user fees at $2.50, GothamMag reported Thursday (January 6) .

Martha Stewart announces first restaurant, hints at more down the line

Two years after many restaurants launched their first packaged products, entrepreneur and media personality Martha Stewart is going in the opposite direction. After decades of success with her culinary content, and months after launching Martha Stewart Kitchen’s line of frozen foods in 10,000 stores, Stewart announced Wednesday (January 5) the launch of her first restaurant.

Grocery Roundup: Packaged Food Brands Benefit From Going Home

Conagra sees frozen food sales growth; Coca-Cola announces ready-to-drink cocktails. supermarkets are aimed at shoppers who want to ring in the New Year; And Imperfect Foods prioritizes technological innovation.

Shoppable recipes that turn brick-and-mortar grocery shoppers into multi-channel customers

“As the adoption of online grocery products continues from 2020 to 2021, and now in the new year, the boundaries and walls, between being in a retailer location and high-intention content, are beginning to blur,” Yoni Samshima, co-founder and CEO of grocery marketing platform Chicory , tells PYMNTS.


New PYMNTS data: Documenting identities in the digital economy – December 2021

on:More than half of American consumers believe biometric authentication methods are faster, more convenient, and trustworthy than passwords or PINs – so why do less than 10% use them? PYMNTS, in collaboration with Mitek, surveyed more than 2,200 consumers to better define this perception versus the usage gap and identify ways companies can boost usage.

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