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Campbell’s teams with experiential toy company Camp on candles, activity guides

Campbell's teams with experiential toy company Camp on candles, activity guides
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Diving Brief:

  • Campbell’s has partnered with family experiences company Camp on two limited-edition scented candles and a winter activity guide for families, according to an announcement.
  • Besides tomato soup, grilled cheese and chicken noodle soup candles, the collaboration features a winter warm-up guide filled with activities like arts and crafts, recipes, and games that parents can play with their kids. After each candle burns, a “Snowbuddy” miniature figurine appears.
  • This collaboration allows Campbell’s to interact with parents via merchandise and an experiential element that mirrors the offerings of Camp, a toy retailer known for stores that combine shopping with play.

Diving Insight:

Campbell’s collaboration with Camp uses several methods that have remained popular with marketers over the past few years. Scented candles—which smell like the company’s famous chicken noodle soup and common pairing of tomato soup and grilled cheese—allow Campbells to market their products with a sensory element. The designed figurine and canister were inspired by stackable snowman soup cans from the brand and the “Snowbuddy” 2020 campaign.

The effort could help keep the Campbell Soup brand in front of loyal customers at a time when demand is strong but sales are weakening due to supply chain issues and labor shortages, according to Campbell Soup’s first-quarter 2022 earnings report.

This winter warm-up guide comes as parents search for ways to keep their kids active and entertained, whether they’re stuck indoors due to cold weather or schools closed due to the pandemic that has swept the nation. Brands including Hasbro released similar activity guides and online resources early in the pandemic, when they first closed schools in the face of the coronavirus, and that tactic may be flexible as increases continue to change.

By collaborating with Camp, Campbell’s is bringing its brand to a toy retailer known for its in-store toy hybrids. Camp operates stores in New York, New Jersey, Texas, and Connecticut and is active on digital platforms that expand their brand beyond traditional websites. This collaboration allows Campbell to be closer to culture, a tactic other CPG brands have used to connect with younger consumers. However, Campbell’s focus on parents and their children is in line with traditional CPG marketing.

Similarly, Campbell has previously sought to balance its brand tradition with modern marketing methods. Last year, the soup brand redesigned its signature labels while embracing “comfort, goodness and Americana,” an effort that’s been paired with the NFT collection and a series of specially marked cans that unlocked additional songs and content via QR codes.

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