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“Have milk?” A promotion for one of the American milk boards, entered the space of the non-fungible token (NFT). She has an existing partnership with several NFL players, three of whom are involved. Consumers will have a chance to win an American Football Player NFT website as an NFT by entering a receipt for the purchase of 32 ounces of milk on the website. Campaign in association with Panini Collectibles.

“Got milk?” The campaign was launched in 1993 by the marketing agency Goodby for the California Milk Processor Board. The project was an effort to encourage the purchase of dairy milk, and in its first year alone, it increased dairy sales by 15 million gallons. The campaign is now run by the National Liquid Milk Product Promotion Board.

The NFT campaign appears to be an attempt to show that the industry is modern and innovative and trying to maintain milk consumption. In 2010, per capita milk consumption in the United States was 194.2 pounds per year. And that number is expected to drop to 155.3 pounds by 2028. Have you got milk? It is not associated with any specific milk brand.

The future of NFTs as rewards?

The use of NFTs as rewards is common, and some speculate that this is how these digital assets will integrate into our consumption habits. NFTs with multiple values ​​of thousands of dollars may attract large niches but it is not a viable way to become mainstream. The fluctuating prices make it more similar to investment assets versus digital collectibles with utility. However, NFTs used as rewards are more attractive to the average consumer and have the potential to be a buying motive.

Movie company AMC Entertainment and Sony Pictures launched NFTs as rewards for advanced purchase of opening-day tickets for their latest Spider-Man movie, and DC Comics awarded an NFT award to every fan who registered to attend their online event. When it comes to sports, the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks by Mark Cuban release the NFT for fans attending the games. The NFL runs a similar project with Ticketmaster where participants in certain games are rewarded for their ticket as an NFT.

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