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Budweiser’s first NFTs sell out in under an hour

Budweiser’s first NFTs sell out in under an hour
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The King of Beers empire expands beyond the realm of hops and malts as Budweiser on Monday became the latest brand to enter the non-fungible token business, creating 1,936 one-of-a-kind pieces of digital art in the form of cans that retailed at hundreds of dollars each.

Bud’s “Heritage Collection” sold out less than an hour after its 1 p.m. ET launch, grossing nearly $984,000 to the brand — a good profit approaching the end of a year that saw dozens of brands screaming to take advantage of the digital art frenzy, Each so-called “NFT drop” provides an opportunity to bring in piles of cash.

1936 token, the year the first Budweiser cans were created, the inaugural NFT launch of the Anheuser-Busch InBev brand consists of two different types of blockchain-based tokens: Limited to 36 Gold Heritage Boxes, priced at $999 each.

“The Budweiser ‘Heritage’ collection is designed to celebrate the iconic history of the brand while taking Budweiser into the world of Metaverse,” said Spencer Gordon, vice president of Digital & Destline, the brewery’s in-house creative agency. “The launch of this NFT range is yet another example of our innovative, consumer-first approach to further promoting our iconic brands,” he said.

Budweiser’s NFT debut is the first of any AB InBev owned brand.

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