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BT launches digital marketing hub at ‘pivotal time for small businesses’

BT launches digital marketing hub at ‘pivotal time for small businesses’
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BT launched a digital advertising platform and assembled a team of experts to provide assistance to businesses in managing digital marketing campaigns.

BT’s Digital Marketing Hub enables businesses to create their own ads, run and track multi-channel marketing campaigns from a single platform.

Created based on feedback from more than 1,500 companies, the platform is designed to help companies that lack the time or resources to manage digital campaigns.

As part of the pay-as-you-go service fee, BT can advise through a team of digital advertising experts from setup support to full digital strategy outsourcing.

To track a campaign, analytics are fed into a single dashboard and artificial intelligence (AI) software generates recommendations for keywords, copy, and budgets.

BT created the service on the back of research commissioned by Small Business Britain, which revealed that 74% of small businesses have increased their social media use during the pandemic, but that was contrary to IPA data that still 2.4 million (40%) of small and medium businesses Do not use paid social media ads.

According to BT: “This lack of adoption threatens to hold back a large proportion of UK small businesses from growth as the economy looks to recover from Covid.”

“This is a pivotal time for small businesses across the country after two really tough years,” said Chris Sims, BT’s managing director for its small office and home office unit. “They can reach a much larger audience using the power of digital advertising, but many of them lack the time, money, and confidence to do so effectively.”

BT will launch new features in a phased approach, with improved AI and e-commerce functionality planned in the coming months.

Director and co-founder of Stag-ed Drama Workshop Mike Sothern, who participated in the hub test, said: “It opened my eyes to new areas in which we can advertise. Our campaign has turned inquiries into diversions and this, for gold dust.”


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