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Bridgend Marketing Business Celebrates Pandemic Success and looks forward to 2022

Bridgend Marketing Business Celebrates Pandemic Success and looks forward to 2022
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Oliver Lewis, CEO of OLSO Marketing in Bridgend, is looking forward to a successful 2022 after booming during a very difficult period for many Welsh companies.

The award-winning marketer launched his business in early 2019, before the pandemic, initially worried about how to manage his business through the challenges of back-to-back shutdowns, but said customer support was the ‘secret’ behind his business success story.

Initially, the business thrived through “traditional” marketing, with logo creation, design, and low-cost printing of brochures and business cards, as well as running Adwords for more established businesses, but the pandemic has required a different approach, as builders can no longer count on vote-gathering or Flyers are door to door and you no longer have big Adwords budgets. Oliver has helped businesses overcome this with a strong focus on digital marketing.

Oliver explains:

“I was naturally worried, the pandemic hit us as we started to grow – but many clients who wanted to work with us were in the same situation. From small local merchants to professional builders, we all faced unprecedented challenges, so I decided to work collaboratively with clients, And helping them find creative ways to attract new business while saving money – as I’ve seen, we’ve been going through a tough time together.”

“After working with merchants during the pandemic, I know the market well, so I recently launched a low-cost website design service for builders and merchants. Building professionals value reaching new audiences online but don’t have the time or financial budgets to spend hours creating content for a website, so My new service is straightforward and overcomes these challenges, getting them online quickly and at low cost, a one-time investment.”

“I’ve also simplified things like logo design and low-cost printing, keeping costs low and improving service for small businesses.

It is a profit-driven strategy, with the agency appearing on the ThreeBestRated Marketing Agencies list for two consecutive years, as well as being in the top 10 categories of Digital Marketing Agency Reviews for SEO Services and Digital Agency.

The agency was also shortlisted for ‘New On The Scene’ at the 2022 Business Growth Awards to be held at the Vale Hotel in March, and Oliver’s book, which advises companies to rank on Google, took home 5 Stars on Amazon.

Meanwhile, Oliver’s private life has also gone from strength to strength, as he welcomed his baby daughter in 2021.

Oliver says:

“2021 has been a great year for me personally and professionally, and teamwork is definitely the secret to my success.

“As I see it, the business connections we’ve established to support each other through the pandemic are what will help us succeed as we hope the COVID situation improves – no matter what, we will take every challenge head-on, finding solutions not problems – I look forward to 2022 with hope” .

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